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I see Greenhalgh is dead against the developments near or in his ward, but then coate is not his ward and its the other side of Swindon, so why should he care.

Sorry can't scan a copy of the link story on this (can some else?) but, it's headline is "Grange Park residents win crucial battle to block hook street building"

Cracking photo of him and a handful of west Swindon councillors in jubilant poses at the news, November link magazine  page 5

Is Coate water not as valuable as Lydiard Park then or is it just not going to worry the residents of his ward? Obviously doesn't mind s**ting in some one else's nest.

Political News & Debate / Re: The Editor Strikes Back!
« Last Post by Geoff Reid on December 31, 2010, 10:18:03 pm »

There are certainly those who don't like the role of Political Assistants. In my experience this is either down to an individual's simple lack of knowledge about our role, or their inherent distrust of council officers

I don't think I have any particular dislike of the position or role of political assistants, but I do question whether they should be paid from the public purse.

Re: Douglas Campbell specifically, I'm given to understand that he has worked for the Conservative party for a very long time but the public, (although they are required to pay his wages), know very little about him, what he's done in his political past or what he does now.

Re: Matt Bradley - Political assistant to the labour group leader Derique Montaut, little is publicly known about him either.

I think the Advertiser is right to question whether we should be paying £80,000 per annum for political assistants.  Shouldn't the political parties be paying for their own assistants from their own party funds if they are as 'invaluable' as one senior member of Swindons political elite claims?
Coffee Talk & New Member Introductions / Re: Happy New Year !
« Last Post by Ringer on December 31, 2010, 10:10:24 pm »
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The much vaunted council forum will have to go some to beat that number!  :2funny: Happy new year. TSrs
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