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Title: NO2ID Newsletter No 106
Post by: Margie on September 28, 2008, 12:45:16 pm
Sorry for the delay in posting this - I've been away a couple of weeks.  Margie

++ NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 106 - 11th September 2008 ++
This week the Trades Union Congress (TUC) voted at their Congress inBrighton to resist the National ID scheme with all means at itsdisposal, "including consideration of legal action to uphold civilliberties". The motion was put forward by the British Air Line Pilots'Association (BALPA) in light of government plans to require workers inaviation to enrol in the National Identity Scheme in 2009. The motionstates: "Congress sees absolutely no value in the scheme or inimprovements to security that might flow from this exercise and feelsthat aviation workers are being used as pawns in a politically ledprocess which might lead to individuals being denied the right to workbecause they are not registered or chose not to register in the scheme."The motion puts unions on a collision course with the government overcivil liberties and contradicts government spin that "unions approve IDcards" issued after the Labour Party National Policy Forum at Warwick at the end of July. 

+ NO2ID NEEDS YOUR DATABASE STATE STORIES + NO2ID is in the middle of putting together a comprehensive briefing document which explains the concept of 'The Database State' and sets outin plain language exactly why it's such bad news for everyone of us inthis country. What we need from you are examples of how the database state hasaffected you as an individual - real stories of the consequences of datasharing and invasion of privacy which will help illustrate exactly whyTransformational Government and The Database State is such a calamitousproject. We're looking for things that have happened to ordinary peopleas a ramification of unfettered data sharing and storage. Things likebeing mistaken for someone else whilst under the care of the NHS, beingwrongfully blacklisted, loosing or not getting a job. Has something thatshould have remained private been revealed with serious consequences foryou or someone close to you? Please let us know your stories. The more specific examples we have, thebetter we can bring home to those in positions of influence the natureof the threat we are all fighting against and far reaching effects itwill have on all our lives. Of course, NO2ID is a privacy organisation and any stories will betreated in the strictest confidence. If you can contact us initially byemail at we can proceed in the manner mostconvenient for you. *For clarity's sake, by 'The Database State' we mean the The NationalIdentity Register, the CRB checking system, the DNA database,Entitlement Cards, the NHS spine, Contact Point, biometrics in schools,e-borders and e-passports, Club Scan (or other club and barfingerprinting schemes) and all related systems. *

+ Many thanks for JRRT donations +
*Many thanks to all those who have sent campaign donations as part of ourJoseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd (JRRT) matched funding initiative. TheJoseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd has generously agreed to match, poundfor pound, any new income that NO2ID receives. Which means that forevery pound you give NO2ID will receive TWO pounds to spend campaigningagainst the ID scheme and database state. We have already receivedaround £3,500 specifically marked as for the matched funding appeal.Please continue to send your donations by cheque to our office (addressat the end of this newsletter - please mark your envelope 'JRRT') or youcan donate by credit card or via PayPal using the 'Donate' button on ourwebsite, (left hand column).

What's next? *

+ Consultation on Data Retention Directive +*
The government has launched a consultation on the ElectronicCommunications Data Retention (EC Directive) Regulations. Responsesshould be sent by 31st October by e-mail or by post to Andrew Knight, HomeOffice, 5th Floor, Peel Building, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF.See  + LOCAL GROUPS NEWS + We now have local groups in 44 of the 69 proposed locations forinterrogation centres - of which just 3 have yet to open. Parliamentaryanswers indicate that the most active centres are: Belfast, Birmingham,Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Newport,Peterborough and Sheffield. For information on your nearest interrogation centre, If you can help set up a localgroup in one of the remaining locations, or anywhere else in the UK,please contact Matty on _

*+ Bradford + *_ *+ 8th October - Bradford NO2ID Meeting (2nd Wednesday of the month) +*Every second Wednesday of the month 6:30pm at Bradford Resource Centre,17-21 Chapel Street, Bradford, BD1 5DT. _*

+ Bristol +*_ *+ 1st October - Bristol NO2ID meeting +*Wednesday, 1st October at Deco Lounge on Cotham Hill from 7 - 8pm. Comeand meet your friendly local campaigners on the first Wednesday of everymonth. _*

+ Cambridge +*_ ***+ 13th September - NO2ID Cambridge Stall +*Saturday, 13th September at 10am in the usual spot outside CambridgeGuildhall. Location Map: As ever, volunteersto help very welcome - please email, or text/callAndrew on 07710 469624 if you can make it. *+ 1st - October NO2ID pub meeting (1st Wednesday of each month) +*Wednesday, 1st October 7.30pm at the Salisbury Arms, 76 Tenison Rd,Cambridge CB1 2DW ( For moredetails contact, or text/call Andrew on 07710 469624. *+ 12th October - "Taking Liberties" +*Sunday, 12th October 8pm at 22 Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BQ. Doors open7:30pm. Cambridge NO2ID and the Cafe Project( are co-hosting a free showing of theacclaimed documentary "Taking Liberties". For more information on thefilm see _*

+ Camden and Islington +*_ *+ 7th October - Camden and Islington NO2ID Meeting (Now 1st Tuesday ofthe month) +*Tuesday, 7th October at 8pm. We'll be at our new(ish) venue, The Castle,54 Pentonville Road, London. We'll try and sit at the big table on thetop level at the back of the pub - if not, just look for the table withthe NO2ID flyers. Nearest tube is either Angel or Kings Cross.( Please note:Our meeting days have changed from 1st Mondays to 1st Tuesdays. Please join our mailing list to keep up with our activities: _*

+ Chelmsford +*_ *+ 22nd September - Chelmsford NO2ID 1st Meeting +*Monday, 22nd September from 7.30pm at the Two Brewers, 80 SpringfieldRd, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6JY (opposite Tescos). There's parking roundthe back or it's about 10 mins from the Station. The landlord knowswe're coming and you'll recognise us as we'll have some NO2ID leafletson the table. Matty Mitford, the local groups coordinator for NO2ID willbe there to give advice and support as necessary. We are thinking oforganising a monthly couple of hours on a Saturday morning campaigntable to promote NO2ID to the public.....and are looking for a goodgroup (doesn't have to be big) who are up for organising and doing.Further details: Felicity Mawson on ( If you'reunable to attend, but are interested in the activity of the group,please join the Chelmsford mailing list on: _*

+ Cromer +*_ *+ 6th October - Cromer NO2ID Meeting (1st Monday of each month) +*Monday, 6th October at 7:30pm, at The White Horse Inn, West Street, Cromer.

*+ Dorking +*_ *+ 13th, 20th September - Dorking NO2ID Street Stall +*Saturday 13th, 20th September - 2 street stalls in 2 weeks to maximisepublicity of our "Question Time" public meeting. *+ 25th September - "Question Time" Public Meeting +*Thursday, 25th September at 8.00pm at the Christian Centre, St Martin'sChurch, Dorking. On the panel are 2 politicians, Paul Beresford MP andAlice Humphreys (Lib Dem parliamentary candidate) and two experts, EdgarWhitley (LSE) and Guy Herbert. All welcome. Local NO2ID'ers please comealong to this event and make yourself known....bring a friend. *+ 7th October - Dorking NO2ID Meeting *CANCELLED* (usually 1st Tuesdayof Month) +*Tuesday, 7th October - there will be no meeting in October._*

*_ _*+ Edinburgh +*_***Saturdays 1pm - 3pm - NO2ID Edinburgh street stall*Every week, weather permitting, you will find our campaigning stall atthe east end of Princes Street, opposite the Balmoral Hotel. Do drop byfor a chat. New volunteers - please contact John (,and for more group information see *+ 8th October - Edinburgh NO2ID Meeting +*Wednesday, 8th October at 7pm in the Quaker Meeting House, 7 VictoriaStreet, Edinburgh EH1 2JL - NB in the Bow Room rather than the Library.The meeting will be the first since the Home Office "Consultation" atwhich nine NO2ID demonstrators were arrested. There will be a fullreport and discussion of the protest, the arrests and what has happenedsince. All are welcome at the meeting, as always.

 _*+ Epsom +*_ Epsom NO2ID organised a High Street stall on the 6th September - it wentahead despite the rain and we picked up 160 petition signatures betweenshowers. Next meeting to be announced. If you are local and can help inany way, please get in touch with Geoff at .

 _*+ Glasgow +*_ *Most Saturdays 2pm - NO2ID Glasgow street stall*Most Saturdays there are stalls in Glasgow city centre (usually BuchananStreet) from about 2pm. Volunteers are always welcome, please contactGeraint if you would like to help:

_*+ Kensington & Chelsea +*_ *+ 17th to 20th September 2008 - NO2ID Kensington & Chelsea Stall +*Wednesday, 17th September to Saturday, 20th September Kensington andChelsea NO2ID will have a stall at the Westbourne Grove Church, LondonW11 as part of the Life and Liberty Exhibition with film shows andspeakers including Guy Herbert. For more details see( Wewill be selling mugs as well as handing out leaflets and asking forsignatures. If any one would like to help please contact Jill Manasseh(<>)

_*+ Leeds +*_ *+ 13th September - Leeds NO2ID Street Stall +*Saturday, 13th September 1pm - 3pm on Briggate. The stalls have been agreat success and we have seen a significant increase in people who haveregistered their support.

 _*+ Maidstone +*_ *+ 18th September Maidstone NO2ID meeting +*Thursday, 18 September, at 7pm, Muggleton Inn, High St, Maidstone._**

__*+ Manchester +*_ Manchester NO2ID has a very busy September coming up; you can check fulldetails at updates and discussion, join the Manchester NO2ID mailing list at *+ 13th September - Manchester NO2ID Street Stall +*Saturday, 13th September 2pm-4pm in St. Ann's Square to raise awarenessamong the public and engage people in discussion about the NationalIdentity Register. This is the last street stall before the Labour PartyConference and our Public Meeting, so an extra big presence is needed toinform as many people as possible. Just turn up in the square at thestart time and look for the NO2ID stall. *+ 17th September - Manchester NO2ID Meeting +*Wednesday, 17th September from 7pm-9pm in the Town Hall Tavern, TibLane, Manchester . Sadly this venue is not wheelchair-accessible; pleasecontact us on if you have accessibility needs. Thisis our last meeting before the Labour Party Conference. *+ 20th September - "Defend Civil Liberties" March +*On Saturday 20th, Greater Manchester Stop The War Coalition is leading amarch through Manchester as the Labour Party Conference opens, on threethemes, one of which is "Defend Civil Liberties". If you're interestedin joining a NO2ID bloc on the march please contact us - if we can get a dozen people marching under aNO2ID banner it'd look good. *+ 20th September - Round table gathering against Database State +*Saturday 20th, 4:30pm-6:30pm, at the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street(behind Central Library). As part of the Convention of the Left, NO2ID,Defy-ID and friends present a round-table gathering of organisationsopposed to ID cards and the Database State to share information, developtactics and network. With NO2ID local groups co-ordinator Matty Mitford,and northwest regional co-ordinator Dave Page. *+ 22nd-24th September - Manchester Students Against ID at Freshers Fair +*22nd-24th September, Manchester Students Against ID will be getting offto a strong start at Fresher's Fair, talking about the dangers of theNational Identity Register to new students. We need volunteers for ourstall - if you can spare a few hours to smile and hand out leaflets andbadges, please sign up at *+ 22nd - 24th September - Manchester NO2ID at the Labour PartyConference +*22nd-24th September, Manchester NO2ID will be flyering conferencedelegates at the main security gate outside the Midland Hotel from 9amto 10am. If you can spare a bit of time before work, please drop by andgrab a handful of flyers. Nearest Metrolink is St. Peter's Square;nearest train station is Oxford Road. *+ 22nd September - NO2ID Labour Conference Fringe Debate +*Monday 22nd September from 1pm-2pm at the Midland Hotel, Manchester.National NO2ID co-ordinator Phil Booth will be at the official fringedebate "National ID Cards - will they prevent underage sales?" *+ 23rd September - Manchester Public Meeting +*Tuesday 23rd September 7pm at the Reynolds Building, Sackville StreetCampus, University of Manchester. Manchester NO2ID and the Manchesterbranch of the British Computer Society present "Privacy and Security inthe Database State", a public meeting. All welcome. Speakers includenational NO2ID co-ordinator Phil Booth.

 _*+ Mold +*_ *+ 6th October - NO2ID Mold Meeting (1st Monday of every month)+ *Monday, 6th October at Y Delyn Wine Bar, King Street, Mold, CH7 1LA.Contact Sophie McKeand on or join the mailing list at:

_*+ Selby +*_ ***+ 13th September - Selby NO2ID Street Stall, Pontefract +*Saturday, 13th September - time & place to be confirmed. *+ 16th September - Selby NO2ID Meeting +*Tuesday, 16th September 8pm at the Blue Bell, Monk Fryston.

 _*+ Shrewsbury +*_ *+ 13th September - Shrewsbury NO2ID street stall+*Saturday, 13th September (weather permitting) between 10.30am and 1.30pmon Pride Hill. Drop by and say hello - if you can stay a little longeryou are welcome to help by handing out leaflets and chatting to people. *+ 15th September - Shrewsbury NO2ID pub Meeting +*Monday, 15th September 7.15pm we will be meeting at the Armoury,Victoria Quay, Victoria Avenue, Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury( Look for a table with NO2ID leafletsscattered around it. Most of us will be eating, or just come for adrink. The St Austin's Street car park behind the Armoury is free ofcharge after 8pm.

 _*+ Southampton +*_***+ 1st October - Southampton NO2ID Meeting (1st Wednesday of the month) +*Wednesday 3rd October 8pm at the Dolphin pub, Osborne Road South,Southampton (next to St Denys train station). All are welcome. EmailSharni, for more info/directions. *+ 2nd October - Screening of "Taking Liberties", hosted by SouthamptonNO2ID +*Thursday, 2nd October 7.30pm at The Art House, 81a Bedford PlaceSouthampton. Booking required: please phone 02380 238582 or to book a place.

 _*+ Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells+ *_ Please do drop by at one of our forthcoming stalls, or even volunteer tohelp (we break you in gently!) . We will soon be starting monthlypub-based meetings for the winter - watch this space. Apologies for thelast newsletter entry which should have read 30th August - not 30thSeptember.

*+ 20th September - Street Stall Tonbridge +*Saturday, 20th September 11.00 - 13:00 in alleyway besides McDonalds inTonbridge High Street. If you want to meet some of the NO2ID crowd dodrop by and say hello - you certainly don't have to take part in thestall if it's not your thing. If you want to help - please do drop us aline at *+ 27th September - Street Stall Tunbridge Wells +*Saturday, 27th September 11.00 - 13:00 at pedestrian precinct, oppositeVictoria Centre shopping centre. If you want to help please do drop us aline at *+ 4th October - First-ever Sevenoaks Stall !! +*Saturday, 4th October 11.00 - 13:00, location to be decided. If you wantto help please do drop us a line at *+ 16th October - "The Database State" debate +*Thursday, 16th October 7.30pm at The Skinners' School, St John's Road,Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN4 9PG. Greg Clark MP will chair two teams ofstudents quizzing Daniel Zeichner (Labour Party Spokesman) and PhilBooth (National Coordinator of NO2ID). We are still in activediscussions with Meg Hillier's office regarding this event, and hopevery much that Ms Hillier will be game for an open, public debate on thetopic. Watch this space._*

What just happened?

  + ContactPoint children's database delayed +
The government's ContactPoint database, holding the details of everychild in England and Wales, will be delayed by three months due to"technical difficulties". ContactPoint was due to be launched inOctober, having already been put back from April after data securityfears in the aftermath of the HMRC child benefits data loss in Novemberof last year. It seems the delays are centred around the issue of"shielding", whereby users of the system will be able to partiallyshield records of vulnerable children. Professor Ross Anderson, anexpert in security at the University of Cambridge, said: "The publicsector wastes huge amounts of money on software that ultimately doesn'twork. The most likely explanation is that they can't get ContactPoint towork." 

 + Statewatch releases new report on EU security policy +
Today Statewatch has released a new 60-page report entitled 'The Shapeof Things to Come' that looks at the EU's new five year strategy forjustice and home affairs. The report details how European governmentsand EU policy-makers are pursuing unfettered powers to access and gathermasses of personal data on the everyday life of everyone -- on thegrounds that we can all be safe and secure from perceived 'threats'.Statewatch's press release says: "The report shows how the EU FutureGroup is seeking to harness the power of what it calls the 'digitaltsunami' -- a rather insensitive concept -- for the benefit of lawenforcement and security agencies."Download the report at 

 + ID Scheme firm advertises for managers +
Thales, who recently won the first contract in the National ID scheme,has begun advertising for Contracts Managers (with salaries of £65k plusbenefits of taxpayers' money). Last month Thales was awarded a contractworth 18 million pounds to design, build, test and operate thetechnology that will deliver the National Identity Register (NIR). NowThales wants Contracts Managers to do some "commercial interfacing withcustomers, suppliers and internal organisations". In their recruitmentadvert Thales claims that the National Identity Scheme "is aneasy-to-use and extremely secure system of personal identification foradults living in the UK. Its cornerstone is the introduction of nationalID cards for all UK residents over the age of 16". Seems a strangedescription for a system that hasn't even been designed or built yet,and that will facilitate lifelong surveillance of UK citizens!

  + More fingerprint technology woes +
A supporter reports that: "A frequent traveller who visits the USregularly and is enrolled on their fingerprint database for foreignnationals was refused entry on arrival from New Zealand. When sheeventually proved who she was and was admitted, the immigration officerstated 'This quite often happens with long-haul passengers, the aircraftpressurisation alters the fingertip geometry beyond the tolerance of thebiometric measurements'." 

 + Germany's ID supermarkets +
German firms are illegally trading millions of sets of personal datadrawn from the official registration system. State government officialshave admitted as much, following revelations in the press. In Germany,everyone is legally required to provide an address and other details forthe official population registers linked to the ID system - and to keepthat entry up to date. Traditionally, these details have been held intown halls, but some federal states are moving towards centraliseddatabases and there are proposals for a national register. The datafirms usually act as intermediaries for commercial clients who want tocheck an address. In most cases, it is quite legal for the populationregisters to give out this information on individual, identifiedcitizens. But some intermediaries have been overstepping the mark in awholly predictable way. They have been adding the information to massdatabases of their own, which they then sell on to other clients andtraders.
 "ID" in the news

 *+ French storm the Bastille over 'Sarkozy's Big Sister' database -11/9/08 +*
Imagine, if you will, an announcement by the UK Government that it isgoing to create a new database to track anyone over the age of 13, whohas been "active in politics or the trade unions or who has asignificant role in business, the media, entertainment or social orreligious institutions". Let's say 20 million individuals who theauthorities believe are "likely to breach public order".

*+ Saatchi to promote foreigners' ID cards - Kable 10/9/08 +*
The Home Office will use advertising agency M&C Saatchi to tellemployers about the introduction of identity cards for foreign nationals.

***+ ID scheme plans 50,000 cards by April - Kable 8/9/08 +*
In response to a parliamentary written question from Liberal Democratshadow home secretary Chris Huhne, home secretary Jacqui Smith said thatabout 50,000 identity cards will be issued between the scheme's launchfor foreign nationals between November and April 2009.

*+ DNA database costs soar - Kable 5/9/08 +*
Home Office figures show that the cost of running the national DNAdatabase has more than doubled since 2002-03. Minister Meg Hillier MPsaid that in 2002-03 the cost of DNA database services was £774,300, butthat service and IT development delivery costs for 2008-09 are projectedas £1.77m. In 2006-07, that figure reached £2.04m, although it droppedto £1.6m last year.

*+ Why the delay in launching database? - The Guardian 2/9/08 +*
The sudden postponement of the government's flagship ContactPointdatabase last week was immediately shrugged off by ministers and civilservants as being due to technical problems. Embarrassing, perhaps, fora project costing the taxpayer £224m, but simply a matter of taking abit more time to iron out glitches such as drop-down menus.

*+ Innocent MP fingerprinted after his uncle's murder discovers hisdetails are still on DNA database one year on - Mail on Sunday 3/8/08 +*
A Tory MP fingerprinted after the murder of his 80-year-old uncleclaimed last night that he is an innocent victim of Labour's 'BigBrother' surveillance state.

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