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NO2ID Newsletter No 164
« on: December 20, 2010, 09:22:46 pm »
++ NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 164 - 18th December 2010 ++
+ NO2ID Review of the Year +

A few of the key moments from 2010 - and some ways you can help stop the database state in 2011.
*JANUARY*: Guy Herbert is nominated for Liberal Voice of the Year. As a trickle of ID card guinea-pigs sign up in the North West, local groups coordinator James Baker goes head-to-head with Home Office Minister for Identity, Meg Hillier on Liverpool radio.
*FEBRUARY*: NO2ID protests the launch of ID cards for young people in London. Identity Commissioner Sir Joseph Pilling publishes his annual report on the scheme. A 'regulator' without powers, Sir Joseph couldn't provide NO2ID with a single meaningful agenda item on which to meet.
Thanks to sustained campaigning, only a handful of people volunteered for ID cards. It could have been far worse. The first step in fighting the database state is always to keep informed.
NO2ID staff and volunteers keep abreast of most developments, but we realise that database state issues can be complex. If you would like Phil, Guy or James to address a meeting in your area, or if you are a member of another organisation that may share concerns about the database state, please do get in touch:
*MARCH*: The Department for Health pays to send out millions of letters about the Summary Care Record, as a precursor to uploading patients' details - but fails to include opt-out forms. As part of the ongoing NHS Confidentiality campaign, NO2ID groups across the country provide people with both forms and information.
*APRIL*: Following a public vote, 'stop ID cards and the database state' is adopted as one of Power 2010's five core pledges. NO2ID groups and supporters hold and attend hustings, asking candidates their intentions on key database state issues.
Are you in touch with your nearest local group? To find out about activities in your area, see - new members are always welcome. If there isn't already a group in your area ask James Baker, NO2ID local groups coordinator, about starting your own:
*MAY*: Feature documentary 'Erasing David' is watched by more than 300,000 on TV, just days before the election. The new government's Coalition Agreement promises to scrap ID cards and 'roll back' the database state.
*JUNE*: The first piece of legislation put before Parliament is an Identity Documents Bill to repeal the Identity Cards Act 2006. But new Health Minister Simon Burns announces by buried Parliamentary answer that uploads to the Summary Care Record system will continue.
The database state is not just an election issue. The debate must be kept alive, and representatives held to account, year-round. One effective way to do this can be to write a letter to your local newspaper. Be clear and concise. The letters page is the most read part of the paper, and you will reach thousands of people that way.
*JULY*: After five and a half years in Southbank House, NO2ID moves offices to Tufton St, SW1 - a building shared with a number of small think-tanks and campaign groups. Our new telephone number is 020 7340 6077, but post should still be sent to the Crawford Street box number.
*AUGUST*: Access to ContactPoint is switched off on 6th August, and the data is securely deleted in subsequent weeks. News that credit reference agencies are to be given access to DWP data highlights the ever-present danger (and political attraction) of data-mining.
Besides our campaigning, media and outreach work, NO2ID lobbies politicians and industry, provides briefings, responds to consultations and engages civil society on a regular basis. All this costs money and NO2ID needs your support. Generous regular givers fund our small London office and some printing costs, but we need many more.
Please make a donation or, preferably, set up a regular payment:
*SEPTEMBER*: Freedom of Information reveals that 8 out of 9 positive comments on the ID cards website were written by Home Office personnel themselves. NO2ID attends party conferences, speaking at fringe meetings and leafleting delegates to emphasise that there's still much to be done.
*OCTOBER*: NO2ID holds its AGM at its new Tufton Street office. Working with other civil society groups, NO2ID lobbies hard on the UK and EU reviews of data protection and retention of communications data, and organises a roundtable on the upcoming Freedom Bill. We launch our new petition.
NO2ID can only succeed if we keep reaching and engaging new people. You can help. Download and print off a copy of our new petition from and use it as a way to get your friends and neighbours talking about the database state and how we can establish positive protections for individual privacy.
Please send completed forms to our London office (address on the form). Everyone who gives a postal address will be sent a FREE information pack.
*NOVEMBER*: NO2ID holds public meetings in London on smart meters, the DNA database and children's data. Nick Clegg announces plans to convert the electoral roll into a centralised population register, as part of 'individual voter registration'.
*DECEMBER*: NO2ID wins the 'Long Walk' award at Liberty's 2010 Human Rights Awards, "for their tireless campaign to publicise the threat to liberty and personal privacy posed by the introduction of ID cards". The Identity Documents Bill enters ping-pong over refunding money to ID guinea-pigs...
If you received this review directly, you are probably already subscribed to our newsletter - but why not pass it on?
If this review was originally sent to someone else, then please do register as a supporter to get your own e-mail newsletter every fortnight - there's a form at You'll also receive a FREE supporter's pack and occasional alerts about NO2ID events in your area.


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