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What Is The Speed of your internet connection and who supplies it ?

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Geoff Reid:

It would be interesting to know how fast most members internet access is, particularly when deciding what video content, and its playback quality, to make available on Talkswindon.

There might also be other 'services' made available via Talkswindon, but this depends whether most members will be able to use it effectively within the limits of their equipment and connection speed.

Theoretically super-fast broadband, but I've yet to find a site which can keep up with it. Either that or I've got a slower connection than I think I should have. I downloaded the .net 2.0 SDK a couple of months ago, over 300 megs of geeky goodness (even if it does come from Microsoft), and it took over 2 hours.

I got a slap on the wrist from my ISP recently though, for "exceptionally" high usage between 6pm and 11pm (which is pretty much the only time I'm home to use it during the week). I guess it was because I'd just discovered the democracy player and was trying to download all the back catalogue of Channel Frederator cartoons  :bottom:

If you do decide to publish more videos here, is there any chance of setting TalkSwindon up as a channel which democracy player users can subscribe to? Then I just need to figure out a way to set democracy player to download everything while I'm in bed and automatically shut the PC down when it's finished.

Although I'm on BT with their 2mbps service, I recently upgraded to a laptop and wireless router and my connection speed always show as 54mbps.  So I'm not really sure what speed I really get.

I am thinking of changing supplier as BT seem to be bloody expensive now so I'll be looking very closely at the ever changing packages on offer, particularly Sky.

Can anyone offer any personal experiences on which ISPs are good or best avoided?  To me price isn't everything, reliability will be a key point for me.

Dale Heenan:
Some people are very lucky to be getting the 8mb broadband..... I'm only a measle 1mb  :D

NT(hel)L.... 8mb.

Work PC is directly connected so reasonably quick.
Linksys Wireless router connected to provide connection for kids PCs upstairs, slower connection for them.

SlingMedia is a natty little tool to enable you to push a video feed out from your Sky Box thru your Broadband connection.


Not sure I'd want to see video from TalkSwindon...... Audio only might be better option as this would suit dial up connections too.


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