Author Topic: Water and Money Sloshing Everywhere and Cotswold Management Revamped as well.  (Read 1083 times)

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I wonder if the money SBC pours pays into the old board will now be stopped? From memory  it is somewhere between £12-15,000 per annum, but as Cllr Rod Bluh Leader has been involved in a discussion with TS member Des Morgan about £19,000 being poured spent on water at the Civic then perhaps the money on the waterpark is safe. The question Des appears to be asking is £19,000 the new deminimis figure to be poured away applied to savings? If so will all savings below that figure not be farmed? For Example how much has been saved closing relocating Old Town Library?

Des Morgans response to Rod Bluh about money being poured away sorry water expenditure ;)
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