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NO2ID Newsletter No 160
« on: October 24, 2010, 09:08:15 am »
++ NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 160 - 21st October 2010 ++

The National Identity Register is presumed dead. But "ID Cards for foreigners", using the systems designed for national identity cards, are continuing their steady expansion.
A Home Office circular this week said: "In-country applications for further leave to remain under Tiers 1 or 5 made prior to 14 December will not require biometric enrolment but, applications made on or after 14 December will require biometrics to be
enrolled. Biometric enrolment is a quick and clean process. We take a digital photograph of the applicant's face, then their fingers are scanned - there is no ink or mess."
It would be straightforward to extend this to the whole population should a future government accept the idea. The ID scheme is both cancelled and still alive.
Meanwhile, 'The Coalition: our programme for government'
( said: "We will end the storage of internet and email records without good reason." But the strategic defence review published this week contains the line: "We will introduce a programme to preserve the ability of the security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies to obtain communication data and to intercept communications within the appropriate legal framework." This is exactly what the Home Office said under the last government in promoting the *expansion* of surveillance capacity to cover all email, web-use, Skype and instant messaging.
And the threat to medical privacy continues. Though we now have a suggestion that in future you may control your own records online (potentially good), the NHS spine continues without a clear function -- the headlines say it has been 'cut back', but the core principle is still the poisonous one that you have to keep on saying "no", or you will be deemed to have said "yes" irreversibly, to information about you  and yours being shared.
"Reviews" are everywhere on civil liberties matters, action nowhere. The way DNA records are routinely collected and kept by the police, the monitoring of all our movements by numberplate recognition and the e-Borders programmes seem to be continuing largely undisturbed.
Has the new government been seduced from its fine principles by a battalion of Sir Humphreys? They won't be admitting it, but the database state is back.
What just happened?

+ Identity Documents Bill - House of Lords 2nd Reading +
On Monday (18th October) the Identity Documents Bill (the bill to repeal the Identity Cards Act 2006) was "read" a second time in the House of Lords. Second Reading debates are where the general principle of a bill are discussed and most peers that spoke supported the bill. That said, for the first time since the bill was introduced, some criticism of its detail emerged at last. Lord Phillips of Sudbury said: "I am sad that the Bill is as complex as it is. I do not know how many noble Lords have tried to read through the Bill, but it is a nightmare, even for an old lawyer like me." Lord Phillips particularly drew attention to Clauses 4 and 6, as well as Clause 10 which he said "desperately needs rewording". Labour peer Lord Bach defended the previous government's ID scheme and quoted the Police Federation as saying: "If an individual is stopped by the police, they would be able to confirm their identity instantly; the result of which is that they would not have to report to a police station - a lengthy process that would amount to a far greater infringement of their liberty". Lord Bach here highlights the very problem with ID cards, that is the shift in the relationship between the citizen and the state - in a freedom loving country the police should not be able to stop people in the street and ask them to prove their identity willy nilly. The Police Reform Act 2002 introduced the power for a police officer to demand a name and address if he has reason to believe "that a person has been acting, or is acting, in an anti-social manner". The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 extended this power to Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). Clearly there is an identity culture that is contained in more than just the Identity Cards Act and it needs a broader challenge. Meantime, the Identity Documents Bill next moves to its Committee Stage in the House of Lords where we
hope peers will table some meaningful amendments to fix some of the bill's problems.
Read transcript at:
Watch the debate at
NO2ID's Commons 2nd Reading briefing is at:

+ Human Rights Joint Committee and the ID Docs Bill +
The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) has published a report on the Identity Documents Bill. The report acknowledges the concerns of NO2ID and others with elements of the bill such as Clause 10. It also calls for a definition of the data to be destroyed in connection with the National Identity Register. The committee calls on the government to provide further information on the operation of the residence permits
scheme (as laid out in the UK Borders Act 2007) relating to non-EEA residence permits as it "may interfere with the right to enjoy respect for private life without discrimination". Much of the infrastructure of the ID scheme remains intact in the guise of biometric residency permits (formerly known as ID cards for foreign nationals).  See

+ Summary Care Records - Rubber Stamping the U-turn +
Last week (11th October) the Department of Health announced that reviews commissioned by the Health Minister have concluded that a Summary Care Record "will prove valuable for patients needing emergency care". This despite the fact pointed out by Professor Ross Anderson of Cambridge University in a British Medical Journal article in June that: "Very few patients have conditions that must be made known to emergency staff; for those that do, the properly engineered solution is MedicAlert." (MedicAlert is a bracelet/necklace/watch system used to identify high risk patients). Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats promised to scrap Summary Care Records and their reneging on that promise marked the first major U-turn of the government. The Summary Care Record system will make medical information about tens of millions of patients in England available to over 800,000 NHS staff. Patients have a right to opt out of having a Record.  See

+ The return of the Interception Modernisation Programme +
As mentioned above, in May the government released the coalition agreement in which they spelt our their "programme for government". Under 'Civil Liberties' the agreement stated: "We will end the storage of internet and email records without good reason". This referred to the Interception Modernisation Programme (IMP) announced by the previous
government. The coalition has now published a document entitled 'Securing Britain in an Age of Uncertainty: The Strategic Defence and Security Review' which lays out plans to "introduce a programme to preserve the ability of the security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies to obtain communication data and to intercept communications
within the appropriate legal framework". This looks very much like the Interception Modernisation Programme. Back in June Statewatch published an analysis of the coalition agreement and on the storage of internet and email records they warned: "Whatever policy it eventually adopts, the problem facing the new government is that the UK is legally bound to implement the EU Data Retention Directive: it cannot opt out. This means that while access to retained data can be better restricted, for example by requiring judicial authorisation before data can be accessed, and the length of time records are held can be reduced to six months, fundamentally the new government is currently unable to abandon Labour's data retention regime, whether it desires to or not."
See Statewatch's analysis at:
See the London School of Economics 'Briefing on the Interception Modernisation Programme' at:

+ New report looks at ID checking culture in the UK +
A report has been published by the Manifesto Club entitled 'How Constant Age Checks are Infantilising Adults'. The report points out that: "ID checks bring into question the basic respect that is normally implicit between adults in public. The assumption that anyone who seems to be a responsible adult should be treated as one is replaced with the
suspicion that all young adults are potentially underage until they prove otherwise; or worse, that even very obvious adults should be prepared to submit to checks as a matter of course." See
What's next?
++ *Notice of Annual General Meeting* ++
*+ 23rd October - NO2ID Annual General Meeting +*
The NO2ID Annual General Meeting 2010 will take place at 12 noon on Saturday 23rd October 2010, at 55 Tufton Street, LONDON SW1P 3QL (these are the premises that now house NO2ID's administrative offices.) All paid up members of the Association and full affiliates are entitled to attend and vote. This notice is being sent to all members and previous members for whom we have a current address. For the purpose of the meeting the membership roll was taken at midday on Friday 8th October 2010. In order that the business of the meeting may be better conducted we would appreciate it if any motions for consideration of the meeting were presented in writing in advance of the meeting, but there is no obligation so to do.
The Advisory Board is an elected body that appoints the National Coordinator of NO2ID. Voting takes place at the AGM. There are 7 candidates for 5 places and the nominations have now closed. (* = incumbent).
* Debby Chay (prop. Mark Littlewood, sec. Andy Robson)
* James Cronin (Mark Dziecielewski, Guy Herbert)
* Mark Dziecielewski (Adam MacGregor, Guy Herbert)
David Mery (Adrian White; Jon Ribbens)
Matty Mitford (James Elsdon-Baker; Stephanie Munro)
* Andy Robson (Mark Littlewood, Owen Blacker)
Andrew Watson (Colin Rosenstiel; Chris Howell)
*+ 23rd October - Identity Cards Act 2006 repeal party +*
On the evening of the AGM we will be holding a party to celebrate our real success in getting the Identity Cards Act 2006 repealed. All newsletter readers, members and friends of the campaign are invited, as will be many of the other people who have helped us over the years. Doors open at 7:30pm, with a bar and music until midnight. There will be a short comedy cabaret from 8:30pm and Phil or Guy may say a few words, but there will be no long political speeches.
The venue is: The Adelaide, 143 Adelaide Road, Primrose Hill, London NW3 3NL
Space is limited, so RSVP using if you can.
*+ 1st November - Identity Documents Bill Committee Stage House of Lords +*
The Identity Documents Bill has now completed its passage through the House of Commons and will next move on to Committee Stage in the House of Lords. Follow the bill's progress at
*+ November - Database State talks, London + *
Former Hammersmith local coordinator Brian Mooney has organised some autumn talks on aspects of the database state - see the local groups section below.
"ID" in the news
*+ EU privacy watchdog condemns passenger data plans - Out-Law 21/10/10*
The European Commission's rules for transferring air passengers' details to destination countries are still not entirely justified, according to EU privacy watchdog Peter Hustinx.
*+ Every email and website to be stored - Telegraph 20/10/10 +*
Every email, phone call and website visit is to be recorded and stored after the Coalition Government revived controversial Big Brother snooping plans. It will allow security services and the police to spy on the activities of every Briton who uses a phone or the internet.
*+ Large Scale Biometric Identity Matching Solution for Public Service Agencies - eGov monitor 19/10/10 +*
Accenture unveiled a new large scale biometric identity matching solution today at Biometrics 2010 designed to help public service agencies accurately verify the identity of individuals, whether for the purposes of detecting potential national security threats or for
improving the delivery of government assistance programs and social services to eligible citizens.
*+ Government retains opt out for SCRs - Smart HealthCare 11/10/10 +*
Patients in England will continue to get summary care records (SCRs) established by default, although it will be easier to refuse them
*+ Biometrics : The Difference Engine: Dubious security - The Economist 1/10/10 +*
Thanks to gangster movies, cop shows and spy thrillers, people have come to think of fingerprints and other biometric means of identifying evildoers as being completely foolproof. In reality, they are not and never have been, and few engineers who design such screening tools have ever claimed them to be so.
(Please send me any items of interest you encounter - Editor( )
To see if there's a group in your area check our list at
Or, if you're interested in starting a group yourself, please contact James on to discuss what's involved and what we have in place to support coordinators and their groups.
*+ NO2ID goes on tour with Erasing David +*
Groups across the country are helping to facilitate a nationwide tour of Erasing David -- a documentary about privacy, surveillance and the database state. Phil Booth, our current national co-coordinator is hitting the road with David Bond the film maker and producer Ashley Jones to help raise awareness of the victims of the Database State that lie behind the headlines of privacy abuses. Tour Locations:
University of East Anglia, 11th November, Time 7pm
Manchester - to be confirmed
Glasgow - to be confirmed
_*+ Cambridge +*_
The Cambridge group is planning a celebration when the bill abolishing the ID Cards scheme is actually passed. This now seems likely to be later in November. Watch this space for details ...
_*+ Camden & Islington +*_
*+ 2nd November - Camden & Islington NO2ID Meeting +*
2nd November -- Camden & Islington (1st Tuesday of the month) - 8.00pm at The Kings Head, 59 Essex Rd, Islington. All welcome.
For more info email or join the mailing list at:
_*+ Dorking +*_
If you would like to help or get involved with the Dorking group, contact Geoff Cox ( or 01306 631377).
_*+ Edinburgh +
**+ Saturdays 1pm - 3pm - Edinburgh **NO2ID** Street Stall +*
Every week, weather permitting, you will find our campaigning stall at the east end of Princes Street, opposite the Balmoral Hotel. Do drop by for a chat. New volunteers - please contact John (, and for more group information see
_*+ London +*_
*+ Database State talks - London + *
Former Hammersmith local coordinator Brian Mooney has organised some autumn talks on aspects of the database state. More info: 020 7385 9757 /
*Thursday, 4th November, 7pm nominal start*
Zoe McLeod, Consumer Focus - Subject: 'Smart Meters: Who's watching you?'
Function Room, The Hop Poles, King Street, Hammersmith W6 9HR,-0.22561|16|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:51.49274:-0.22561:16|w6%209hr|W6%209HR
*Monday, 22nd November, 7pm nominal start*
Terri Dowty, ARCH - Subject: Children's Databases
Helen Wallace, Genewatch - Subject: DNA Database
Bertrand Russell Room, Conway Hall; 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

_*+ Manchester +*_
For information on Manchester NO2ID see or contact Dave Page on <> or
07722 615 398.
**_*+ Norwich +*_
*+ 11th November - Erasing David Screening With Special Guests +*
On Thursday 11th November a showing of the fascinating documentary film 'Erasing David' is taking place at the UEA, ARTS 01.02, starting 7.00pm. The film follows the life of film-maker David Bond, who upon receiving a letter from HMRC informing him that his daughter's details were amongst the 25 million lost by the child benefit agency, embarks on a journey to discover just how much information is held about him by government and private companies. Along the way David meets people who have been caught in the crossfire of the database state, some whom have had their lives shattered. After the screening there will be a discussion taken by director David Bond and NO2ID's Phil Booth, so please come with your probing questions! To watch the ERASING DAVID trailer please visit:
If you are interested in the work of the Norwich group, please join their mailing list on:


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