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Quote from: NO2ID newsletter on Bristol Indymedia
The Mirror [1] this week revealed that over 700,000 schoolchildren have been fingerprinted without the prior consent, and sometimes even knowledge, of their parents. Although not directly linked to the National Identity Register (NIR), concerns have been raised about who will have access to data gathered for this and other databases - most notably the Children's Index, which has been in the spotlight again [2].As well as riding roughshod over the principle of consent, it appears that parents are left largely in the dark about which agencies in what circumstances will have access to their child's information - not just data derived from their fingerprints, but all associated records.

There has been a worrying proliferation of child-focussed databases in recent years, as highlighted by Action on Rights for Children(ARCH)'s recent 'Database Masterclass'[3]. And the recommendation of the Citizen Information Project (which was quietly merged with the NIR, shortly after the passing of the Identity Cards Act) that a register of under-16s be created [4] and 'aligned' with the NIR shows that at least some in government are actively promoting the notion of cradle-to-grave surveillance. (See our report on the growing number of children's databases below)

NO2ID applauds the efforts of concerned parents to draw attention to the dangers of non-consented capture and sharing of children's data, and the trivialisation of biometrics in the context of an impending programme of compulsory national registration. We encourage parents to check out their new campaign site, LeaveThemKidsAlone, and cast a vote in the online poll at


Also in this newsletter:

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Plus links to more ID stories in the news.

Read the full newsletter at
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