Author Topic: How Do I: Display 'Tweets' on Talkswindon ?  (Read 1034 times)

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How Do I: Display 'Tweets' on Talkswindon ?
« on: May 20, 2010, 10:56:25 am »
It's quite easy to publish and discuss Tweets from Twitter on Talkswindon by doing the following:

To display a single tweet:

1. Click on the date and time which is displayed in the lower left corner of each Tweet - This will display the Tweet in a new browser window.

2. Copy the page address of the Tweet from the address bar of your browser - (hold down the left mouse key and drag it over the text, then press the ctrl+C keys at same time to copy)

3. Paste the page address into your 'new post' - (press ctrl+V keys at same time to paste) Will look like this >>

Code: [Select]
4. Highlight/select the address you have just pasted  (hold down the left mouse key and drag it over the text)

5. While the text is still highlighted click on the twitter button >>

What you see in your new-post editor window should look like this: (but without the code tags, they're only there to so I can display the code in a normal post)

Code: [Select]

Now add your comments above/below the Tweet address  :)

** PLEASE NOTE: The Tweet will not be visible if you 'preview' your post - don't worry, this is normal - it will be visible when you post it!  :)

This is how the above example looks  :)


To display an 'auto-refreshing' last 5 tweets from a user:

Starting by either making a new post, or modifiying an existing one and, in the editor window, click the 'twitter account' button.

This will place the following 'tags' into your post editor window:

Code: [Select]
and all you need to do now is place the relevant Twitter '@name'   between the tags......

Code: [Select]

....add any other comments you feel are appropriate and press the 'save' button  :)

This is how the auto-fresher 'last 5 tweets' thing looks  :)

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