Author Topic: Careless walls - expression of anxiety attack  (Read 903 times)

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Careless walls - expression of anxiety attack
« on: January 19, 2009, 04:48:32 pm »
Careless walls are here for me again, 
without remorse and without end,
crashing walls that move unbidden,
into my life causing falling unwritten,
out from horizons, moving so fast,
appearing only a second before the blast,
smallest shudders of a ground giving way,
lets the man know thunders on it’s way,
hear them come now though you cant see their way,
how dare they how could they break my day.

I can’t see them, but I know they are there,
I can feel them, but I know they may care,
wrapped in worry, steeped in sin,
wild these walls that come closing in,
rising almost living in winding perpetuity,
to claim my mistakes in foul wrenched certainty,
clawing up earth of life as they come now,
causing this second life's head to bow down
hacked from the stone of conscience and pain,
to come smashing into his head and leave their stain.

These walls are coloured with black broken methods,
and jaggedly tear confidences togethers,
these walls are coloured red with righteous blame,
now watch them rise higher their lives are aflame,
these walls are soaked in dripping smiling coal,
setting ready to burn and torch the mans goal,
for these walls are built in a masons nightmare,
to cage the reality and deal nothing but scare,
hammered home from a lifetimes failing stone,
cold but burning and seeking no home.

Rising now whenever the breathings sent higher,
growing barbs of tyrannical reminder,
closing in on a racing heart,
the moments so lost that the man can’t start,
crushing down gleefully because that’s how their made,
rejoicing as they’re built higher again,
hear them now singing, louder and louder,
singing to come crashing and call more to the plunder,
hail their gleeful rage as they sound in victory,
their war cries heard over his wretched beaten body.
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