Author Topic: Swindon's Culture: Where is it, what is it and who's responsible for it?  (Read 10549 times)

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I think it comes from Swindon Viewpoint having put the previous posting to Mart's, on EVERY thread, effectively mucking up us regular readers from finding the lastest postings about any one subject.    Flipping pest - nothing to do with Swindon Link.  Sod off, was certainly what I thought of the multiple posting and didn't look out of principle.

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I'm sorry. I appear to have been posting in an indiscriminate and careless manner.

I accept all censure of course.

By the way, did you know:

You can find a great condensation of Swindon's culture over the years on

Alternatively my greenhouse has an excellent display of condensation as well.

If you meant linguistically (isn't that pasta?) I think it is linked to sodomy and going away and is generally meant to convey a very keen desire for the irritant to depart at pace.

And don't forget:

You can find a great condensation of Swindon's culture over the years on

I say again:

You can find a great condensation of Swindon's culture over the years on

Hope that's cleared things up for everyone. If not they can, erm, sod off.
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Looks like Dougal has been round and cleaned up a little.

Perceptions of what is informative linking and repetitive spamming do vary but I'm with Mart on this one  ;D

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Swindon's culture might well be likened to an iceberg; most people are unaware that 90 per cent of it actually exists!
For instance, amateur theatre is thriving here with the Old Town Theatre Company (OTTC) at its heart.

Who else in Swindon would be brave enough to stage 'Life of Brian', '1984', or 'Hamlet'?

And, right now, there's an opportunity to be part of the cultural scene in Swindon by coming to an OTTC open audition for our next play, 'Swimming with Sharks' by Michael Lesslie. It's a gritty, pulls-no-punches tale of Hollywood executives.

The auditions are open to non-members and are very friendly and informal. Be warned though! Culture, in this respect, is all about hard work, commitment and teamwork, whilst being great fun and hugely rewarding as well!

If you're interested, here are the times and dates...

Tuesday 8 June at 7.30pm
Lawn Community Centre
Guildford Avenue

Thursday 10 June at 7.30pm
The Studio
Swindon Arts Centre
Devizes Road

If you’re interested in attending but can’t make either of these dates, please email us at

Or, if you'd just like to find out more about OTTC and its contribution to culture in Swindon, visit our website at

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And then there is the Big Arts extravaganza in Lydiard Park on Saturday 10 July. Are you busily making bunting for the world record attempt?


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