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Letter to Swindon Advertiser
« on: December 08, 2008, 10:37:15 pm »
This appeared in the paper on 27 November.  Not sure if anyone else has posted it.

You may be aware that from this month the government begins issuing what it calls, with an obvious nasty spin, ID cards for foreigners. You may not be aware what this means in practice. First affected will be students and those marrying Britons. The plan is that gradually residents from outside Europe will be fingerprinted and have to account for their movements. Later so would we all.

This is irrelevant to refugees and the poor unskilled with nothing to lose.

But successful foreigners such as Robinho or Kevin Spacey, and the overseas students who subsidise our universities, have a lot of choice where they study or exercise their talents. Some will decide Britain has become too unfriendly. When the US introduced more hostile visa conditions three to four years ago, the numbers applying to study there fell by 15 per cent and Bill Gates complained that Microsoft could no longer hire some of the best software engineers.

If this scheme is continued it will lead to less fee-income and lower international status for our educational institutions. British students will have to pay higher tuition to make up, and will have less money to spend with local businesses. Fewer of the world's star performers in every field will choose to make their homes here than do now.

We, the undersigned, value the contribution that these people currently make to our institutions and our society. We think our country should treat them as guests, not criminal suspects. ID cards for foreigners is not just a small-minded slogan - Britain will suffer culturally and economically.

PHIL BOOTH National Coordinator, NO2ID GUY HERBERT General Secretary, NO2ID Box 412 19-21 Crawford Street London W1H 1PJ


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