Author Topic: Workers at two airports will be used to test UK national identity card  (Read 722 times)

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Workers at two airports will be used to test UK national identity card, the government is expected to announce.

Phil Booth, from campaign group No 2 ID, told the BBC the government had performed a "complete roll-back" by limiting the trial to two airports.

"We are seeing a rather transparent attempt, I think, to save some ministerial face," he said.

"The unions and the industry are clearly opposed to this and if the government were to try to force this on the 200,000 airside workers they had previously claimed then they would find themselves either in court or facing industrial action."

He accused the home secretary of "bullying" workers to join a scheme which was less stringent than existing airport vetting rules.

'Biometric enrolment'

Mr Booth also said the government would struggle to find private firms willing to bid for the ID card contract.

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Re: Workers at two airports will be used to test UK national identity card
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2008, 11:17:27 am »
I think the timing of this may be a tactical error by the Home Office

By foisting these 'voluntary' cards onto people in late 2009, in what will only be a few months before a general election must be called, they are handing the opponents of the scheme an election hot topic on a plate.  All the opponents need to do is highlight that this shows what we have been saying all along, that it was no more than lies when the labour party manifesto from 2005 claimed that ID cards would be 'voluntary when you renew your passport' and the people will see what a load of bull sh*t they were fed, with a real, live example of how every aspect of their lives will be touched by this.

Rather interestingly, the government are now trying to get other parties involved in their sinister scheme.....

Supermarkets could be asked to take people's fingerprints as part of the government's identity card scheme.

The Home Office is talking to retailers and the Post Office about setting up booths to gather biometric data.

I do wonder whether this an attempt to try and find a practical solution to the enormous task of gathering all this data, or whether the government's 'outsource everything to the lowest bidder and sod the data protection consequences'  approach is just entering a new phase, but presumably it will mean that in some stealth like way, we're now expected to pay supermarkets to gather information that we don't wish to submit.

As individuals, we may not be able to avoid the National Identity Register for very long, but we can still vote with our feet on which supermarket we use.  I would hope that this will be enough to tackle this blatant attempt by HMG to find other parties to do their dirty work......It wont take much to organise a suitable campaign to embarrass any supermarket that tries to get in on this act.

Supermarkets will put their profits, shareholder returns and reputation before almost anything else, I would hope that they stand by their self interested approach to the world on this issue too.  It will certainly be something I use in deciding which supermarket I will frequent.

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Re: Workers at two airports will be used to test UK national identity card
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2008, 01:25:43 pm »
I'm wondering if a mail to the PO expressing the withdrawl of support for their services if they want to install this crap is in order?
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Re: Workers at two airports will be used to test UK national identity card
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2008, 07:25:04 pm »
Well, if the shareholder decides that the PO is to participate the shareholder had better get a wiggle on.

The shareholder's main plank in regenerating the PO network is, confusingly, to close branches at a speed dangerously close to changing the laws of physics, this can easily be justified because of the reduction in footfall and slavish devotion to all things brusselscentric, the fall in footfall can itself be linked relatively easily to the reduction in work carried out in branches.

Regarding the withdrawal of work, again confusingly, much falls within the remit of the self same shareholder to grant or withdraw, withdraw work (in customer interests and in the pursuit of added value) from the network you own, then complain that lack of work makes the network unsustainable. A proper conundrum.

The shareholder must be very conflicted. Or I have misunderstood.

I doubt if the 2 remaining branches that will be open in 2009 would be able to shift the willing volunteers even in modest numbers. There may well be queues which will help the shareholder illustrate that the employees of it's network have no pride or expertise.

This particular representative of the shareholder is not only conflicted, but evidently needs to get out more (at night, in her constituency, without police escort or a stab vest)

If I ever meet her I must tell her I keen I am to have an arm forced down my throat, my testicles grabbed (sorry Harriet, still got them) and the arm withdrawn so swiftly I turn inside out. It's my keenest aspiration right after being compelled to voluntarily have an ID card at my own expense and my entire life on the hard drive of a 12 year old hacker from Kracow shortly thereafter.

Oh yes indeedy.
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Re: Workers at two airports will be used to test UK national identity card
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2008, 08:00:49 pm »
Surfing from my phone, at work, so unable to fully dispense bile within the time I have available.

It strikes me that almost everything HMG is now saying and doing has already been correctly predicted by anti-id campaigners....

...And if memory serves correctly we were labled 'fear mongers' and 'fantasists'.

Frauleins' Schmidt und Blearhausen must be itching to legislate against criticism of the government.


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