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NO2ID Newsletter No 108
« on: October 12, 2008, 05:23:51 pm »
++ NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 108 - 9th October 2008 ++

On Saturday, groups all over Europe will be taking part in events to protest about the growing Database/Surveillance State. NO2ID have teamed up with the Open Rights Group to show Parliament the 'Big Picture' by constructing a giant image made out of thousands of pictures taken by UK citizens of surveillance state ephemera. YOU can join this protest from anywhere in the UK by simply sending us a photo. We would like you to send us a picture of 'the database state' in YOUR life. We want images of the signs of mass surveillance, and any form of intrusive ID or state control - cameras, cards, scanners, forms, whatever you like. Already hundreds of photos of surveillance cameras and other database state ephemera from all over the country have been emailed or uploaded to Flickr ( but there's still time to send more. Take a photograph with your (digital) camera or mobile phone and send a copy to On Saturday morning a small group will go to Parliament Square in Londonto build an image showing where the incremental invasions of our privacy you've been documenting will eventually lead British society. Let's show Parliament the big picture of surveillance in the UK.
What just happened? 

+ EU and Fingerprinting Children +
The European Parliament's Justice and Civil Liberties Committee has voted to increase the minimum age of fingerprinting for EU passports from 6 to 12. Statewatch reports that: "This decision puts the European Parliament on a collision course with the Council (27 governments) who want the age to be six years old and above (some governments want it lower still) - the measure is subject to co-decision. Six years old was accepted by the Civil Liberties Committee rapporteur but rejected by the Committee." Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP, the author of the amendment, described the UK government's policy laundering on the issue of passports, when she said: "The UK is not legally allowed to join either the EU passports or visa schemes as we choose not to be part of the Schengen zone, but the UK government tends to shadow EU developments and even lets it be thought that they are under an EU obligation.  "More info at
+ Professional group criticises NHS IT - but privacy not on the agenda+
The Association for Informatics Professionals in Health and Social Care(ASSIST) has made a formal submission to an Independent Review Group looking at information technology in the NHS. The submission criticises the original aims of the NHS National Programme for IT (now called Connecting for Health): "We reject the notion that the NHS is analogous to a bank (especially in the current "credit crunch"!), a global telecommunications company or an airline, and thus believe that focussing on their ICT models for a healthcare environment was fundamentally flawed". Missing from the report though is any discussion of privacy with regard to patient records which the government want to computerise and upload to a central database - "the spine". Recent media reports have revealed that NHS chiefs plan to sell patient information to private firms - all of this facilitated by new databases. The NHS Confidentiality campaign has information about opting out of the spine and are currently working on an opt out for the Secondary Uses Service.See


What's next?

*+ Consultation on Data Retention Directive +*
The government has launched a consultation on the Electronic Communications Data Retention (EC Directive) Regulations. Responses should be sent by 31st October by e-mail to or by post to Andrew Knight, HomeOffice, 5th Floor, Peel Building, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF.See
*+ New consultation on Connecting for Health and secondary uses of patient data +*
"NHS Connecting for Health are gathering people's views to help them make important decisions about the ways the NHS can use information it collects about patients. Such patient data is mainly used to provide care and treatment but can also have additional uses such as research, auditing the quality and safety of care, management planning, etc. This consultation is focusing on additional uses. " Responses should be sent to Chrissy Brand (FREEPOST RRXB-TTRR-HJGB, Tribal Consulting, Palatine Road, Manchester, M22 4DB) by 10th December. See

The size, influence and activity of NO2ID's local group network is unique amongst single-issue campaigning and is growing all the time. Groups raise awareness of the work of NO2ID, inform their local politicians and journalists about the depth of the ID scheme and provide us with our now main method of attracting new members and supporters.Their work is vital and effective and enables us to maintain a relatively high local media presence that many campaigning groups envy.To see if there's a group in your area check our list at  Or, if you're interested in starting a group yourself, please contact Matty on to discuss what's involved and what we have in place to support coordinators and their groups.


Tuesday, 14th October, 7pm at Friends Meeting House, 25 ClarendonStreet, Nottingham, NG1 5JD.
Tues 28th October, 7pm at Reading Quaker Meeting House, 2 Church Street,Reading, Berks, RG1 2SB( Booth, National Coordinator, and Matty Mitford, Local Groups Coordinator, will be coming to Nottingham & then Reading this month for a meeting of all NO2ID groups in each of the regions. The meetings are open to everyone who wants to fight against ID cards and the database state in their area. We hope to establish or re-establish several groups in the regions as a result of these meetings. So if your town doesn't have a group and you think you might like to start one, come along. * Come and learn how to set up a group and campaign in your area;* Meet other campaigners and share ideas;* Find out where the ID scheme and related initiatives are heading;* Find out what you can do about it. Open to all. Free. (Collection towards cost of venue.) For moreinformation email Matty on

NO2ID groups in London are looking for someone to be an 'events spotter'. The idea is that this person would keep an eye on upcoming happenings at which it might be good for London groups to hold stalls. We're thinking fetes, festivals, political events, talks, community action groups, that sort of thing, but anything where we might be ableto reach more potential London supporters would be excellent. It would be primarily an email based role, but London coordinators meet once every three months to discuss tactics, trade advice etc and the events spotting person would be very welcome to attend. Please email Matty Mitford on for more info.

_*+ Brighton +*_ *+ 9th October - FREE viewing of 'Taking Liberties' +*
Thursday, 9th October 7pm for 7.30pm sharp start - FREE viewing of'Taking Liberties' at the Caroline of Brunswick (just by the Level). This documentary film is very inspiring and who can pass up on a free cinema showing? No fee, donations welcome.

*+ 28th October - Brighton NO2ID Meeting +*
Tuesday, 28th October 7.30pm at the Brighton Peace and Environment Centre (BPEC) opposite Brighton Station. We will be going to the Battle of Trafalgar for an informal chat afterwards if meetings aren't your thing.

_*+ Cambridge +*_***+ 12th October - "Taking Liberties" +*
Sunday, 12th October 8pm at 22 Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BQ. Doors open7:30pm. Cambridge NO2ID and the Cafe Project ( are co-hosting a free showing of the acclaimed documentary "Taking Liberties". For more information on the film see
*+ 25th October - NO2ID Cambridge Stall +*
Saturday, 25th October at 10am in the usual spot outside Cambridge Guildhall. Location Map: As ever, volunteers to help very welcome - please email, or text/callAndrew on 07710 469624 if you can make it.

_**__*+ Edinburgh +*_***Saturdays 1pm - 3pm - NO2ID Edinburgh street stall*
Every week, weather permitting, you will find our campaigning stall at the east end of Princes Street, opposite the Balmoral Hotel. Do drop by for a chat. New volunteers - please contact John (,and for more group information see*

*__*+ Glasgow +*_ *Most Saturdays 2pm - NO2ID Glasgow street stall*
Most Saturdays there are stalls in Glasgow city centre (usually Buchanan Street) from about 2pm. Volunteers are always welcome, please contact Geraint if you would like to help:
*+ NEW NO2ID Group for Glasgow University Students and Staff+*
A new NO2ID group has been formed at Glasgow University. Staff or students interested in getting involved should contact Stephen at or join the mailing list directly at( The first meeting will be held on Monday 29th October at 7pm in Usige Beatha on Woodlands Road. There is a map available at( This is only a temporary meeting place and time until we get on our feet. If anyone knows somewhere better they can bring it up at the meeting. We will be discussing allocation of funds as well as many other exciting things,and having a few drinks... We hope as many of you can make it as possible. Students at other universities or colleges in the city who would like to set up a similar group are encouraged to contact Geraint at

_*+ Hammersmith and Fulham +*_
Local coordinator, Brian Mooney, is keen to hear from anyone who can help him with generating activity in the Hammersmith & Fulham area. Brian welcomes your thoughts and your questions, and can be contacted via: or on 07976 414913 If you are interested in the work of the Hammersmith and Fulham group, please join the mailing list on:

_*+ Liverpool + *_ *+ 9th October - Liverpool Defy-ID / NO2ID Meeting +*
Thursday 9th October 7pm-9pm at Next To Nowhere, the Liverpool Social Centre at 96 Bold Street, L1 4HY ( Liverpool NO2ID supporters have been invited to attend the meeting to look at how we can work together to get some anti-ID card activities going in Liverpool. If you can spare some time to support events in Liverpool please come along to ask any questions you have about the National Identity Scheme and get involved in fighting it!

_*+ Maidstone +*_ *+ 16th October Maidstone NO2ID meeting +*
Thursday, 16th October, at 6.30pm, at The Muggleton Inn, High St, Maidstone.

_**__*+ Manchester +*_
For updates and discussion, join the Manchester NO2ID mailing list at
*+ 11th October - Manchester NO2ID Street Stall +*
Saturday, 11th October 2pm-4pm in St. Anne's Square, Manchester. We'll be running a Saturday afternoon stall in St. Ann's Square to raise awareness among the public and engage people in discussion about the National Identity Register. Newcomers, committed and curious welcome.
*+ 15th October - Manchester NO2ID meeting +*Wednesday, 15th October 7pm-9pm in the upstairs function room of the Town Hall Tavern, Tib Lane, Manchester. Sadly, this venue is not wheelchair-accessible; please contact us if you have accessibility needs at

_*+ Plymouth +*_ *+ 2nd November - Pylmouth NO2ID Meeting (1st Sunday of month) +*
Sunday, 2nd November from 7-9pm and every first Sunday of the month thereafter at The Chestnut Tree Cafe, 13 The Parade, Barbican, Plymouth,PL1. These meetings will serve as a catalyst and we'll be working hard to make sure there's a plan of action resulting from every meeting. If you can't attend but are still interested in the activity of the group please join the mailing list on or contact Simon (the coordinator) on

_*+ Selby +*_ *+ 12st October - Selby NO2ID Meeting +*
Tuesday, 21st October 8pm at the Blue Bell, Monk Fryston. *+
18th October - Selby NO2ID Street Stall, York +*
Saturday, 18th October 10.30am in Parliament Street, York.

 _*+ Shrewsbury +*_ *+ 18th October - Shrewsbury NO2ID street stall+*
Saturday, 18th October (weather permitting) between 10.30am and 1.30pm on Pride Hill. Drop by and say hello - if you can stay a little longer you are welcome to help by handing out leaflets and chatting to people.
*+ 20th October - Shrewsbury NO2ID pub Meeting (3rd Monday of the month)+*Monday, 20th October 7.15pm until about 9pm we will be meeting at the Armoury, Victoria Quay, Victoria Avenue, Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury (see Look for a table with NO2ID leaflets scattered around it. Most of us will be eating, or just come for a drink. The St Austin's Street car park behind the Armoury is free of charge after 8pm.

_**__*+ Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells + *_
Stalls continue - if you want to help (and we'd like you to!) - then please do drop us a line at We will be starting monthly pub-based meetings shortly for the winter - watch this space.
*+ 16th October - "The Database State" - an Open, Public Debate +*
Thursday, 16th October 7.30pm at Byng Hall, St John's Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 9PG. Greg Clark MP will chair two teams of students quizzing Daniel Zeichner (Labour Party Spokesman) and Phil Booth (National Coordinator of NO2ID). Motion - "This house deplores the creation of a Database State". Following correspondence concerning participation in the above from Meg Hillier's office spanning 11 communications (two-way) and nearly three months, Meg Hillier finally made a decision not to attend this Open, Public Debate... We're really most grateful to Daniel Zeichner for being the nearest available pro-ID speaker (at 94 miles each way) we could find with the courage to defend government policy.Free entry - just turn up and join the fun !!!

 _*+ Yorkshire +*_ *Leeds/Bradford Universities' UNITE passes motion against ID cards*
At its recent AGM the Leeds/Bradford Universities' branch of the trade Union UNITE that represents staff working at the Universities passed a motion against Introduction of ID cards for overseas students and British citizens. The motion calls on the branch to ask "that the Universities make representations on behalf of its staff to the Identity & Passport Service".
*+ 25th October - NO2ID Yorkshire Regional Stalls Workshop +*
Saturday, 25th October 12pm at the Private function room , Victoria Hotel (pub), 28 Great George St, Leeds, LS1 3DL. NO2ID groups across Yorkshire will be meeting to discuss strategies and tactics on how to effectively communicate the threat of ID cards and the 'Database State' on street stalls. Following this informal workshop meeting we will be heading out into Leeds to put what has been learnt into practice. Anybody wishing to help out on street stalls or find out more about this part of our campaign is welcome to come along (no prior experience necessary!). Contact: / 07817605162


"ID" in the news

*+The all-seeing state is about to end privacy as we know it - TheGuardian 8/10/08 +*
Plans for a vast central database of our emails, phone calls and texts will see everyone monitored as a potential suspect. Next month's Queen's speech will contain a brief reference to an innocuous-sounding communications data bill.

*+ Tories plan streamlined children's database - Kable 8/10/08 +*
An incoming Conservative government would replace the ContactPoint database of all children in England with a system covering only those seen as vulnerable. Its central system would cover only groups such as those in care, on the child protection register or with backgrounds of domestic violence, according to Tim Loughton, the shadow minister for children and young people.

*+ Oyster card hack instructions published - The Time 7/10/08 +*
Details of how to hack into identity cards that give millions of people access to secure buildings and public transport networks have been published online.
*+ Boffins (finally) publish hack for world's most popular smartcard -The Register 6/10/08 +*
Two research papers published Monday have finally made it official: The world's most widely deployed radio frequency identification (RFID) smartcard - used to control access to transportation systems, military installations, and other restricted areas - can be cracked in a matter of minutes using inexpensive tools.

*+ UK border facial scan tests hit by errors and breakdowns - TheRegister 6/10/08 +*
A trial of automated border control using facial scanners is already in trouble, according to UK Border Agency (UKBA) sources quoted by the Daily Telegraph. The scanners at Manchester airport, said one source, are breaking down on almost a daily basis, and the automatic booths are unable to detect 'tailgating', where two people go through on one passport.

*+ Foreigners' ID cards £2.8m over budget - Kable 3/10/08 +*
The IT cost of identity cards for foreign nationals has risen 29% from £9.6m to £12.4m and is running more than a year late

*+ ID cards: a badge to prove you're 'one of us' - Spiked 2/10/08 +*
New Labour's ID cards scheme is a desperate attempt to magic up some sense of British togetherness.

*+ Shadow home secretary attacks surveillance - Kable 1/10/08 +*
Dominic Grieve, the shadow home secretary, has criticised government projects including identity cards in his speech to the Conservative Party conference

*+ Jacqui Smith unveils the UK's new identity card - Telegraph 26/9/08 +*
The UK's first identity card for 60 years has been unveiled by Jacqui Smith - with no sign of the union flag or mention of the word Britain.

*+ Elvis has left the border: ePassport faking guide unleashed - TheRegister 30/9/08 +*
The Hacker's Choice (THC) has released details of a procedure that allows you to "create a backup of your own passport chip(s)" - or, if you were that way inclined, use a modified chip to build a fake ePassport that will not be detected by at least some passport readers.

(Please send me any items of interest you encounter -Editor( )


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