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The Results: Freshbrook & Grange Park



There was a 33.47% turnout for this ward.

Conservative Gain

Candidates are listed below in order of the number of votes received.
Elected candidate:

Name: Michael Philip Bray
Party: The Conservative Party Candidate

Percentage of votes: 45.22%
Number of votes: 1127

Other candidates:

Name: Heidi Rita Teague
Party: Liberal Democrat

Percentage of votes: 33.51%
Number of votes: 835

Name: Neil James Heavens
Party: The Labour Party Candidate

Percentage of votes: 14.61%
Number of votes: 364

Name: Marilyn Harrison
Party: Green Party

Percentage of votes: 6.66%
Number of votes: 166

good result for Mick - the margin was massive for this ward which was traditionally a 3 way marginal & the only ward to have been won by all 3 parties since becoming an unitary authority (now there's a useless peice of info!)

Con 2004, 2006
Lab 1996 (2 seats), 1998
Lib Dem 1996 (1 seat), 1999, 2000 (3 seats), 2002, 2003


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