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Please Read: The TSTV - (Talkswindon TV) forum
« on: February 18, 2008, 10:36:56 am »

** I'll probably need to update, edit and otherwise alter this post over the next few days as I remember things I should have mentioned, and jiggle the bits that are already here.  TSTV is embryonic so I'll apologise in advance for any appearance of haphazardness, typos and bad grammar - Dougal **

The Talkswindon TV forum is.... Almost exactly what it says on the tin!  :)

Talkswindon wants to encourage its members to contribute self-made video clips of anything and everything to do with swindon and its people, you could almost describe TalkswindonTV as being a 'video scrapbook' of the town.

We're sure much of the member submitted content will be made by, and arrive from both members and unregistered viewers without much prior discussion so we've detailed how you can share your video files with us easily a bit further down the thread.

We also recognise that some videos will be more complicated to make and might need more detailed discussion, planning, collaboration and sharing time and resources to turn your ideas into we've added a non-public 'Film Makers Forum' to assist this.  We're thinking of the Film Makers Forum as the home of the Talkswindon Video Camera Club and the TalkswindonTV forum as the cinema where they will show their videos and short films.

If you would like to make, or perhaps help us or someone else make a video for TSTV, you'll be given access to the Film makers forum where, with other like-minded members you can share ideas, discuss them, get and give advice and generally help each other in turning as many of your ideas into TSTV videos as possible.  Over time, we think the TSTV Film Makers Forum will become an important and useful resource for everyone interested in producing independent, swindon-focused video media.

Of course we want to encourage everyone who is interested in TSTV to become involved in some way because every good and interesting short video started with an idea which became clearer with some research, writing and planning before finally being filmed, edited and published.

If you'd like to share any of your ideas, skills, experience(s), time, energy or just enthusiasm, please tell us by emailing us at 

Submitting Videos You've Aready easy!.

Up to 5Mb file sizes: For fairly small file sizes simply attach the file to an email and send it to

Up to 500Mb: Simply visit  upload your video file there and email the link to the uploaded file, (supplied by filewind when you upload your file), to and we'll do the rest. 

Please note: Filewind is Free and there is no need to register to use it, it is very, very easy to use and upload files to and files up to 500MB can be uploaded. (It can also split files if they are bigger than 500MB). Filewind has unlimited storage and unlimited downloads - you may upload as many files as you want and they never delete for too many downloads.

Or, if your video is on minidv tape, or in some cases recorded to dvd, you can post it/drop it in to us and we'll copy it before returning the original back to you. Please email us to discuss options.

Once we have safely hosted your video we can either:

  • Send you the url for you to include in your TSTV posting
  • Add the video to a post you've already made in the TSTV forum
  • Publish your video for you if you're not very comfortable with bulletin board 'tags

Please do not attach small video files to your forum posts via the 'Additional Options' available below the new post/reply to text editor as 'attached' files 'time out' and are automatically deleted to save database space....and we want your videos to be available permanently!  :) 


« Last Edit: February 18, 2008, 11:23:19 am by Dougal » is a venue, not a person or political entity. As such, it hopes to encourage input and discussion on any topic, from all walks of Swindon life.   

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Re: Please Read: The TSTV - (Talkswindon TV) forum
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