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I'm back
« on: December 16, 2007, 04:58:08 pm »
Letter to my MP after receiving a lamentable stock answer response from the Home Office after I sought clarification on how the ID card is to be used as a crime fighting and prevention tool, something not widely known or advertised. :

Dear Michael Wills,
First may I express my thanks for your continued attention to duty in forwarding previous mails to the relevant departments in government resulting from inquiries I have made.

It is regarding the response to one of these mails from Meg Hillier of the home office that I am writing.

I recently received the reply and was quite frankly infuriated by the reply, it's lack of understanding, and it's outright repetition of previously acknowledged false fear statements.

I am of the mind that Ms Hillier, without consideration, sent out the stock answer to any question regarding the National Identity Register. Which, in light of her own personal experiences after meeting opposition from Swindon in person can only be construed as extremely insulting.

Her unfortunate lack of care in response has now shifted my original mode of questioning into the realm of I absolutely now demand to know the truth. I am plain sick of hearing repeated failed mantras spewed in knee-jerk condescending sound bites by people who repeatedly WILL NOT justify the spending of billions of pounds of taxpayers money.

To clarify, I have repeatedly put forward requests to various people to determine what this whole scheme is supposed to be for given that:

The statement that this system is to be used for preventing terrorism is a fallacy and this has been publicly acknowledged by both yourself and Ms Hillier, and previous home secretaries, so to find her reply containing the same fallacious statement leads to the inescapable conclusion that as a statement it has moved from ill-considered to outright lie. This I find wholly unacceptable practice in a public servant and I strongly request the reason for persisting in disseminating this falsehood under the guise of 'justification for the ID card'.

Given that the idea of terrorism prevention is false the  statement that this will stop benefit fraud then warrants scrutiny and, as I am sure you know, it is found that at most this multi billion pound exercise will , at most, address 2.5% of the 0.8bn benefit fraud through identity issues. At it's most optimistic roll out cost of the NIR the proposed solution is 125 times the cost of the problem. Is there any way that you can find to justify such outrageous figures?

The idea that you intend to use this to stop illegal immigration, is, again as I'm sure you know, pure fantasy or deliberate obscuration, do tell me which. You are probably more than aware that if the NIR were to be successful in this role, as proposed by the Government, then the deportation cost would be about £4.5 billion and the country be utterly decimated my the manpower loss to the base functions of society. Something that, given you must know these facts, means you will have NO intention of the NIR operating in this capacity. Yet again, I ask the question, why do you persist in this fallacious statement?

The statement that police organisations are convinced that ID cards will help them reduce time in identifying people and can be used for crime prevention and detection is one of the more worrying statements. In that context and in that position this whole scheme can only be seen in the light of the states suspension of presumption of innocence. This is further aggravated when reading Ms Hilliers underlined statement that information would only be used for serious crime. Statements such as this do nothing to assuage trepidation of this act when actual serious crime may be something like reading the names of the war dead next to the Cenotaph, or saying rubbish in a party conference, or eating cakes outside Parliament with the words freedom of speech written in the icing, or indeed saying nothing with intent outside the Houses of Parliament. All arrestable 'serious' crimes that would give the police rights of access to the information.

I am tired of getting the same old useless, baseless, false fear statements from Government, I want the truth, I want to know why your party is determined to stand by this vastly expensive joke, given that we are reading persistently in the papers of multiple and continuing episodes of extreme governmental failure to uphold even their basic legal obligation to safeguard personal data now. This before the NIR scheme has got under way. I demand to know how you personally justify support for this scheme given that the standard answers are no answers.

Yours sincerely,
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