Author Topic: Cllr Wren's Litter/Dog Police force hits the streets  (Read 2990 times)

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Cllr Wren's Litter/Dog Police force hits the streets
« on: September 06, 2007, 05:23:38 pm »

Quote from:  Emily Walker (Swindon Advertiser
Drop litter and you will pay the penalty
By Emily Walker
Richard Palacio with some of the discarded rubbish.
Richard Palacio with some of the discarded rubbish.

LITTER-LOUTS could be given £80 fines when a team of council wardens starts patrolling Swindon's streets on Saturday, September 1.

The council's Environmental Improvement Team will be able to hand out fixed penalty notices to anyone spotted dropping rubbish, cigarette butts or chewing gum.

The team was out in force in the town centre yesterday to warn shoppers about what could happen.

Environmental health manager Richard Palacio and his team were joined by the town centre management team and town centre police community support officer Patch Swindle on their crack down on people making a mess of the town centre.

"Litter encourages rats and makes the place untidy and when places look untidy they can also become targets for crime, because people don't think they are being looked after," said Mr Palacio.

"If we see anyone dropping litter and walking away we will be talking to people and telling them not to do it.

"Then we'll be taking down their details and sending out penalty notices. We will also be taking photos of the people we stop.

"Then if they give false details, their pictures will be published on a section of the council website so we can track them down."

Mr Palacio explained that officers could be patrolling any part of the town and would be on duty from Saturday.

"There are some times when we expect there to be more littering, like in the evenings outside bars and near businesses at lunchtimes, so obviously those are times when we will be focusing our attention."

The team received a mixed response from the people stopped on Friday.

A 13-year-old boy was asked to pick up some chips he threw on the ground, because it could encourage rats and made the place look untidy.

The angry youngster told council officers: "Why don't you just poison them?"

However, most people confronted about dropping litter were embarrassed and apologetic.

Smokers stopped for throwing cigarette ends on the floor were given pouches so they could stub them out cleanly in future.

Trading standards officer Nick Bennett said: "It is just a case of changing people's attitudes.

"Most people know deep down they shouldn't be littering but don't really think before throwing a cigarette butt on the floor or spitting their gum out.

"Hopefully, it won't take long for the message to sink in that you shouldn't do it."

The council currently spends £3m keeping the streets clear of the 3,000 tons of rubbish dropped and fly-tipped every year.

All of the money raised through penalty notices will go back into projects to keep Swindon tidy and prevent crime and disorder.

7:54pm Friday 31st August 2007

I bet the timing of this has pissed David Wren off.....citizens weren't supposed to be ticketed by the 'Environmental Improvement Team' until Dog Control Orders were in place, and the creation of the  'Environmental Improvement Team' could be blamed upon errant dog owners, which would 'legitimise' using the 'don't blame us, blame dog owners....there wouldn't be any need for us if one in every hundred dog owners didn't let their dog shit.....' excuse.

As it is, I think we'll soon see that the  'Environmental Improvement Team' will be present wherever there is most profit....and it won't be Lydiard Park at 7 in the morning. More likely to be bus and train stations, bus stops etc, until the shops open in the town centre where, assisted by cctv, they'll soon make the town centre feel even less welcoming than it is now...if that's even possible.

I wonder how long it will be before Cllr Wren suggests that his 'Environmental Improvement Team' carry portable fingerprint and DNA sample collection kits and really gets to grips with his Nu Labour agenda.

Also, are the Parking Attendants to be renamed to the 'Parking Improvement Team' ?


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Re: Cllr Wren's Litter/Dog Police force hits the streets
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2007, 11:26:54 pm »

How about a Councillor Improvement Team to make sure they do the jobs for which they were elected and paid £7,000pa (I would like some of that), now that one would get my support but


cos it aon't goin to happen and all this just alienates the public meanwhile


is David Wren doing about the Grafitti that blights this town and makes it the Grafitti Capital of the South West, I have only seen it worse in London and in new York in 1981 - go and see what zero tolerence did there!! and of course the great bin men.  Will the Environment Police please fine them when they scatter the rubbish and recycling bins all over the street?

meanwhile back in Swindon the land of the Numpties we get Dog Orders and Environment Improvement Teams cos nothing else is important not even getting a response from a Councillor.   

now that would be a result if we got something out of the other 58 Keith!!

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Re: Cllr Wren's Litter/Dog Police force hits the streets
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2007, 08:01:25 pm »
I saw a film once about stubbing fags out on pouches.

German I think it was.

Most odd.

Is this relevant?
Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.

Dick Norman

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Re: Cllr Wren's Litter/Dog Police force hits the streets
« Reply #3 on: January 24, 2008, 09:31:33 am »

I this going the same way as the future Deputy Mayor or is it going to be revived?  Interesting thought!


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