Author Topic: Daily Mail: Tony Blair has turned Britain into a land where we are all prisoners  (Read 802 times)

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I keep reading things in the Hate Mail that I agree with. It's getting quite worrying.

This, from the maker of Taking Liberties:

Quote from: Chris Atkins in the Mail
Between May 1997 and August 2006, New Labour created 3,023 new criminal offences - taking in everything from a law against Polish potatoes (the Polish Potatoes Order 2004) to one which made the creation of a nuclear explosion in Britain officially illegal.

Then there has been the incredible number of CCTV cameras - a total of 4.2 million, more than in the rest of Europe put together.

And, yesterday, we learnt that the Government has agreed to let the EU have automatic access to databases of DNA (containing samples of people's hair, sperm or fingernails) in order to help track down criminals, even though many thousands of those on record are totally innocent

How did all this happen? Who allowed it? To try to answer these questions, I have made a film, Taking Liberties, about the attack on our freedoms.

Read on:

Still no sign of a showing of Taking Liberties in Swindon though  :(
We are all in this together, but some of us are more in it than others (with apologies to George Orwell)


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