Author Topic: India Times - Britain to probe identity leak of Indian visa seekers  (Read 760 times)

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As if we need another reminder of the reliability and security of government IT projects...

Quote from: India Times
A Channel 4 report that personal data of Indian citizens applying for British visa in India may have been compromised due to flaws in the online application system there has prompted an investigation here.
The report, broadcast Thursday evening, said that a security flaw in internet visa applications to the British High Commission in India meant the details of 50,000 people may have been freely available online. It was a potential treasure trove for identity thieves and terrorists, the report said.

Soon after the report was broadcast, the Conservative party criticised the government for what it called the "Indian visa fiasco", and alleged that it showed that the Labour government was incapable of running the identity card project that is expected to be rolled out in the near future.

Damien Green, shadow immigration minister, told the media, "This is yet another IT shambles from the government with serious implications for security. These details could be used by terrorists to enter the country illegally.

"This government cannot even run a simple on-line visa application system without betraying all the sensitive information. What hope has it got of protecting the integrity of the National Identity Card Register which will hold dozens of pieces of sensitive information of every adult in the country?"

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Thank goodness you found this.  I heard something about it on radio (4, I think) news the other day and tried to track it down on the BBC website, but couldn't find the slightest peep or inkling.  Sadly it wasn't just a bad dream, then.


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