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York Press - Chance to earn Brownie points
« on: May 20, 2007, 01:13:51 pm »
Quote from: Julian Cole in the York Press
HERE'S a suggestion for Gordon Brown, and it won't cost him a penny. More than that, it could save him untold millions, which should appeal to his famed prudence.

While he trundles about the country, trying to win over voters before grasping Tony Blair's tarnished crown, he should announce that he plans to drop ID cards.

The projected costs of these cards are spiralling by the week, or maybe even the day. So the Prime-Minister-in-waiting could win himself what we can fairly call Brownie points by ditching the preposterous scheme in favour of respecting citizens' rights and privacy.

At a stroke of his well-chewed Biro - he looks like a man who chews Biros, and I write as one who should know - Gordon could save money and gain face. Opposition to the cards is to be found at both ends of the political spectrum, so by dropping them, he could gain prestige on the left and the right.

He would be disposing of one Blairite obsession too far, a scheme which, as part of the National Identity Register, would allow the Government to keep track of everyone by accumulating and cross-checking enormous banks of personal data.

Do we really want our lives to be turned into "registrable facts", to dip into the unlovely jargon, that have to be constantly updated so that the Government knows everything about us?

The row over ID cards flares up occasionally, only to die down again, usually when people sigh, shrug and say asinine things such as: "I've done nothing wrong, so what have I got to fear?"

Without wishing to succumb to too much paranoia, perhaps what such people have to fear is the Government knowing too much about them. It is true that most of this information is recorded somewhere, but the Government apparently wants to put everything it knows about us on one enormous database. Isn't that even a little bit scary?

We are all in this together, but some of us are more in it than others (with apologies to George Orwell)


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