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Press release
« on: May 12, 2007, 09:05:00 am »
This sent from Swindon NO2ID today



Swindon NO2ID campaigners denounce the Government tactics of deception and spin over the true cost of their totalitarian Identity Card project.  The Home office published its report on the cost estimates for the scheme a month late. [1]  They are required by law to publish this information every six months.  This provoked accusations that the report has been deliberately delayed until after last week’s local elections.

Local NO2ID [2] campaigner, Lynda Warren said:-
“This report not only reveals that the cost estimates for the ID Cards scheme and its vast database have gone up by over a billion pounds in six months to £5.55 billion, but its timing reveals the contempt in which this Government holds the public.  We can only conclude that the Home Secretary hoped to slip out the bad news under the cover of Tony Blair’s resignation speech”.
Swindon NO2ID say the public should now expect to see massive rises in the cost of this scheme over the coming years, bearing in mind the London School of Economics originally their estimates between £10.6bn and £20bn. [3]
“And we are not even looking at the full picture here” Lynda Warren added “for example, the costs of card scanners for GPs to register new patients and for social security offices paying out benefits are not included in this estimate and they're attempting to hive off part of the cost to the Foreign Office for registering "foreign nationals" so that it looks like it isn't really part of the scheme.  This is also a blatant attempt to play the race card - foreign nationals includes all non-EU residents, so we’re talking about the cost of fingerprinting and tracking everyone who is here legitimately, from your overseas auntie on a long visit, or overseas students paying fat fees to our universities, to Madonna and Kylie Minogue – this has absolutely nothing to do with illegal immigration.  There are clearly no levels this administration won’t stoop to in an attempt to cajole, scare or bully the public into accepting their view of how our identity should be controlled and managed.”

Swindon NO2ID now call upon Anne Snelgrove MP and Michael Wills MP to engage in a public debate about the cost and benefit of this draconian scheme to Swindon Residents.

- ENDS -

Notes for editors:

1) The six-month Dobson report on the cost of procurement and establishment of the Government’s Identity Card Scheme.

2) NO2ID is the UK-wide non-partisan campaign against ID cards and the database state.

3). The likely cost of rolling out the UK government's current high-tech identity cards scheme will be £10.6 billion on the 'low cost' estimate … uncertainties over how citizens will behave and how the scheme will work out in practice mean that the 'high cost' estimate could go up to £19.2

For further information, or interview, please contact

Lynda Warren
01793 731170
07802 151464

Lynda  NO2ID 07802 151464  Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.


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