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General Practitioners keeping patients informed, and inviting them to opt out of having their medical records uploaded.

Although he's not my Doctor, I've met Leslie Lowenthal a couple of times and can tell you he's a dedicated professional who, unlike our authoritarian Government, puts his patients wishes first.

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Re: NHS Spine: Dr Lowenthal's diary - Notes from a country practice
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More locally.

When the scandalous disclosure of Junior doctor's details happened  this came to me from a doctor in Swindon.

Dear lynda
Further to quick teleph conversation just to reiterate - DOH not been able to give Users assurranaces about safety of data and protection of data required for me to recommend this to my patients. On making inquiries recently to a PCT about safety and protection of data a GP was told that high profile pateints such as film starts and MPs notes would not be up loaded onto database. If its not good enough for them its not good enough for me.

Lynda  NO2ID 07802 151464  Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.


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