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Adver - ID Card won't change ways of criminals
« on: April 27, 2007, 01:31:47 pm »
The Adver's online letter page seems to be terminally offline, hence no link available.
This in today's paper


 Anne Snelgrove said ( BBC politics show Sunday April 22) that people she speaks to say of ID Cards ‘ if it stops illegal activity, stops crime and identity theft they’re all for it’

I can’t blame them for their views – I may re-consider my opposition the National register too if it were possible for a piece of plastic to eradicate such crime.

As the Home office itself declares that ID Cards will not affect the most highly touted of the Government’s ID Card benefits; terrorism  - I wonder that Ms Snelgrove can espouse such rhetoric.

Identity theft will be far more attractive with the National Database that sits behind the innocuous ID Card – currently there is no joined up thinking between the Government’s databases, the National Register will change that.

Britain is the most watched nation on earth with a CCTV on almost every corner, many criminals already carry some form of ID ( really who doesn’t?) all these criminals have been recorded with their ID Cards in their pockets. To suggest that criminals will change their nefarious ways because they are forced to enrol on the National database along with all the rest of us, have a Government ID Card along with the rest of us is just silly.


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