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On Jan 26th 2006 Swindon Borough Council adopted a motion to reject the use of ID Cards for access to local services.

At the time, members of the NO2ID campaign, along with many other concerned individuals and groups, applauded Swindon Council for not supporting the controversial Identity Cards legislation.

The legislation subsequently passed into law on the 30th March 2006 as: The Identity Cards Act 2006. Both Swindon MP's voted loyally with the Government.

The campaign against Identity Cards and the National Identity Register continues as resolutely as ever, and with the Local Elections being held on the 3rd of May 2007, interest in candidates views on the subject is high.

The NO2ID (Swindon) organisation have delivered a questionaire with a stamped and addressed return envelope to all 93 candidates standing for election. 

The candidates replies, where supplied by the candidate, might give some indication how those views might dictate their official actions, or attitudes, within Swindon Council, if elected.

A copy of the questionaire supplied to each candidate can be viewed here: Candidates Questionaire

The candidates replies will be scanned, converted to pdf (portable document files - readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader), and accurately reproduced within the 'Swindon Council 2007 Elections' forum here> Swindon Borough Council Elections 2007

Do you need the latest free copy of Acrobat reader ?, click here to download it safely:

The returning questionaires will be scanned and uploaded as they arrive, so please check back frequently  :)

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