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Letter - How dare Labour pass on my details?
« on: March 20, 2007, 01:46:08 pm »

I would like to say that the headline for this letter was not mine.
I don't care if it is the Labour party that sell my personal details.
I care that anyone does.

Another angry letter .......

NOT content with compelling us to donate our details to their new Identity Register, the Government has now admitted that it is minded to sell access to our personal records to businesses.

We are currently able to choose to whom and when we disclose our personal details.

The Government may not currently pass data from one agency that holds our information to another agency as a matter of course.

The National identity register will link all our information together, we will be charged to participate in this scheme and now the Government declares it will provide access to our record for a small consideration which incidentally goes into Government coffers.

This is just another feature of the Government's plans to manage our identity, which to date we have managed to do perfectly well ourselves.

If this is the future that Anne Snelgrove and Michael Wills foresaw when they voted repeatedly for the ID Card Act 2006 their votes are more sinister than at first sight.

To find out what one can usefully do to get this law repealed contact Swindon NO2ID at or come to our monthly meeting on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the George, Eastcott Hill.

L Warren.

Swindon NO2ID
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