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NO2ID`Newsletter 66
« on: March 02, 2007, 04:53:03 pm »

NO2ID Supporters' Newsletter No. 66 - 2nd March 2007
Contacting us: Call or email the office - 020-7793-4005 or ( Please do not reply to this email. (The from address is the not a working email address)

In January, NO2ID declared 26th March 2007 as 'ID-Day' to mark the predicted opening of the first ID interrogation centres.

Since then, our claim that intrusive "interviews" will begin for some passport applicants this April has been confirmed, and the launch of our 'Take a hike, Tony' campaign [Newsletter 65] forced the chief executive of the UK Identity and Passport Service (UKIPS) to go on national TV and admit that everyone is going to have "to go through a little bit more inconvenience" to get their passport in future.

All because the government has decided to use the passport as a way to force you to get an ID card.

People need to know. More specifically, those who are liable to be called in for an official grilling (mainly, but not exclusively, 16-24 year olds) need to know NOW so they can apply for their passport before the interrogation centre network becomes fully operational.

Please download a copy of our 'Take a hike, Tony' factsheet from the Renew for Freedom website - - and distribute it as widely as possible. Print it out and stick it in your window, on noticeboards, hand it out as a flyer at stalls and meetings, send it by e-mail. Write a letter to your local paper, or - if you're a member of a club, party or association - their newsletter. Link to it from your blog or website using the banner ads at

Use your imagination - but get the word out.

And with just 4 weeks to go, whenever you speak to people or groups or write anything, don't forget to keep planting the seed that: "ID-Day is 26th March 2007". We'll have more information in the next newsletter

What's next?

Local groups
We now have a new local group in Ruthin, Wales (contact at We have groups in 36 of the 69 locations of ID interrogation centres. If you can help to set up a local group in one of the remaining towns then please contact us at ( A full list of local groups can be found at ( , a list of the interrogation centres can be found at ( , there is also a detailed discussion of the interrogation centres on our forum (

NO2ID Cambridge Campaign stall
Cambridge NO2ID will be running Saturday street stalls outside Cambridge Guildhall from 10am onwards on Saturday 10th March and Saturday 7th April. Location Map: Volunteers to help very welcome - contact Andrew Watson via, or on 07710 469624.

Saturdays 1pm - 3pm - NO2ID Edinburgh Campaign stall

After a short break during Christmas and Hogmanay NO2ID Edinburgh has resumed its regular Princes Street campaigning stall on Saturdays. We shall be at our usual location at the east end of Princes Street, opposite the Balmoral Hotel, from 1pm - 3pm. We use our stall to raise public awareness of the Identity Cards scheme, collect donations and entries for the NO2ID petition, and also to increase membership of our group.  Please do pop by for a chat if you happen to be around. We aim to have the stall up and running most Saturdays, and new volunteers are always very welcome. You can see photos of our stall and group contact details at:

2nd March - Channel 4 Insider programme lets Charles Clarke promote ID cards
Friday, 2nd March 7.30-8pm on Channel 4. "Clarke is an enthusiastic exponent of identity cards and travels to Estonia to see how this former totalitarian regime has embraced an advanced ID card system." We will have to see whether Channel 4 will balance this programme with thirty minutes against ID cards.

5th March, Number 10 Webchat with James Hall, chief of the UK Identity and Passport Service(UKIPS)
Monday, 5th  March 4-5pm. The 10 Downing Street website have set up another webchat with the head of UKIPS. Perhaps Mr.Hall will explain why UK citizens are set to be interrogated when applying for a new passport. Pose your question at

5th March - Highbury NO2ID March meeting(1st Monday of each month)
Monday, 5th March 6.30 for a 7pm start at the Jorene Celeste pub, 153 Upper Street, Islington.  All welcome for an informal meeting to discuss NO2ID's latest action 'Take a hike, Tony!' and future events. Highbury's meetings will now be held on the first Mondays of each month.

5th March - Wimbledon NO2ID First Meeting
Monday, 5th March 8pm at the South Wimbledon Community Centre, Haydons Road. Having just formed we are slowly getting things together and a meeting for supporters has been arranged, tt will be an informal affair to have an opportunity to meet up and discuss moving things forward, running a stall in the town centre,and raising our profile in the area,etc. For more info contact

1st Tuesday of the month - Hackney NO2ID monthly meetings (Next Meeting:  Tuesday 6th March)

The Hackney local group covering London E8, E5, E9 & N16 areas meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 in Cafe Bohemia by Hackney Central Station. New support very welcome to help raise awareness over the coming months

8th March - NO2ID Edinburgh meeting
Thursday, 8 March 7.00-9.00 pm at The Library, Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL. Street map: ( Light refreshments available. The Edinburgh NO2ID group will continue planning to intensify its campaigning. With the forthcoming elections for the Scottish Parliament, where all the parties apart from Labour have declared themselves against ID cards, with the imminent opening of the local ID Interrogation Centre and with the continuing farce of the Scottish National Entitlement Card, there is plenty for members to get their teeth into. All are welcome.

10th March - King's Lynn Street Stall
Saturday, 10th March -  Street stall to advertise forthcoming public meeting, from 10am. Volunteers needed! Contact or text/call James on 07778 966395.

16th March - NO2ID King's Lynn Public Meeting
Friday, 16th March 7.00 - 9.30 pm at The Globe Hotel, King's Lynn (conference room). Platform Speakers: Henry Bellingham MP, Andrew Duff MEP, David Shayler, Andrew Watson. Light refreshments available, all welcome!!

17th March - Norwich Street Stall
Saturday, 17th March -  Street stall to advertise forthcoming public meeting, from 10am. Volunteers needed! Contact or call Rose on 01603 612355.

17th March - Tunbridge Wells Street Stall
Saturday, 17th March. Following on from our recent successes - a live interview opposite pro-ID Dover MP Gwynne Prosser on Radio Kent and our 2nd stall in the Pedestrian Precinct we are now planing a 3rd stall. For more details contact

23rd March - NO2ID Norwich: Public Meeting
Friday, 23rd March 2007 7pm-9pm at Hellesdon Community Centre, Middleton Lane, Hellesdon NR6 5SR. Norwich NO2ID will be holding a public meeting, speakers: Simon Wright (Lib-Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Norwich South), Adrian Holmes (Green Councillor: Norwich City Council), Vandra Ahlstrom (UKIP Norfolk Chairman and Spokesman). All are welcome. Map:

24th March - Glasgow NO2ID Comedy Gala Benefit
Saturday, 24th March 8pm until late at the Old Fruitmarket. In what is sure to be one of the highlights of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, some of Britain's top comedians and comediennes will be performing in a NO2ID benefit gala. Tickets are on sale now! Phone 0870 013 5464 or buy your tickets on-line at
More details at


What just happened?
NO2ID Give evidence to UK Borders Bill Committee
On Thursday(1st March) NO2ID's Phil Booth and Guy Herbert gave evidence to the UK Borders Bill Committee. Alongside Ross Anderson of the Cambridge Computer Laboratory NO2ID spoke about the implications of the introduction of biometrics under the Borders Bill and how they represent a stepping stone to the ID card scheme.
Audio of the committee can be found at

Scarborough Borough Council votes against ID cards
On Monday(26th February) Scarborough Borough Council passed a motion against the government's ID cards scheme. The motion cites the "estimated cost of £22 billion and rising" which could be better spent within local communities. Councillor Rob Broadley said: "A letter is to be sent to the Home Office registering our opposition." For more information about other councils that have voted against ID cards and how to encourage your local council to do the same see

Blair tears up guarantees made to Parliament about fishing expeditions
Announcements last week that UK Police will be able to trawl the National Identity Register for fingerprints found at the scene of crimes is in direct contradiction to assurance they made during the passage of the ID cards bill through parliament. Home Office minister Tony McNulty stated in Standing Committee D on 6 July 2005: "There are safeguards not only against state agencies, for want of a better phrase, *going fishing in the database* but against misbehaviour and abuse of the database by those who manage the system." Strange then that on BBC's 'The World at One' last week Joan Ryan was so keen to point out that the powers allowing Police to search the National Identity Register are clearly spelt out in the act. Caught in a lie, ministers cannot deny this (though they'll no doubt try) - even the wording of the Act makes it clear that police should only be allowed to check *an individual's* record.

NO2ID Expats spreading across the globe
NO2ID's expats group now has members or supporters in at least 19 countries/territories: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malta, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. In the run-up to ID Day(26th March) expats are collecting NO2ID petition signatures from expats around the world. UK citizens living abroad who have not yet joined the expats group can find out more from

Plans for EU wide superdatabase emerge (Prum Treaty)
At the EU Council of Ministers in Brussels on 15th February details emerged of plans that could mean that the UK police forces will not be the only ones with access to British fingerprint and DNA databases. They will be required to share them with police forces, security services and perhaps others throughout the EU. The proposals are part of the Prum treaty which Germany and others now want to bring into EU law. A press release by EU parliamentarian Alexander Alvaro said: "the Prüm Treaty is just a foretaste of a superdatabase that is beginning to take shape and which will make it possible to track European citizens from the cradle to the grave. The fact that all this is happening without any parliamentary control and effective protection of basic rights makes totalitarian surveillance fantasies more real - and not only for paranoiacs."
Details of the EU meeting can be found at

No health database for Switzerland
Switzerland has no intention of building up electronic dossiers on patients, the federal government promised on 14 February. Health eCards will be phased in next year, and from 2009 they will have to be shown when using doctors', hospitals' or pharmacists' services covered by the compulsory health insurance schemes. But the only information required to be stored on the cards and the corresponding database will be basic administrative details - the holder's name and insurance number, and the name of the insurer. On a purely voluntary basis, doctors will be able to add some medical details to the cards if the patient asks them to do so - for instance, ongoing illnesses, accident sequels and allergies. But these will have to be deleted whenever the cardholder wishes. Similarly, practitioners will not be under any obligation to add information to the cards. The cardholder will be able to protect the data by adding a PIN, and they will not be accessible by insurers. The cards will not replace patient referral documents.

Doctors sick of Austria's eCards
New electronic healthcare entitlement cards are going wrong 2,300 times a day in Austria, the country's GPs complain. The main reason, according to national broadcaster the ORF, is that it takes up to six weeks to update the cards when somebody loses or changes a job. In the meantime, the unlucky cardholders are "locked out". The GPs' association says they are tired of dealing with irate patients who have suddenly become unpersons. The doctors' General Secretary has come up with a low-tech solution for the electronically excluded: go round to your nearest health office and ask for a piece of paper saying that you are insured. He diagnoses "systemic shortcomings" in the eCard scheme. But as so often with technological mayhem, there is also a human factor. Use of surgical alcohol has risen sharply in Austria's general practices of late. Not for disinfecting the patients' wounds, nor for drowning the doctors' sorrows, but for cleaning the eCards. Some of them are so dirty that the card readers don't recognise them. Rather less funny is the Austrian government's determination to launch "electronic health files" in 2008.  Doctors' and patients' associations are warning of massive intrusions into privacy and the doctor-patient relationship. But the Austrian health minister has at least pledged that there will be no central database …     

US biometrics chaos - and the millions needed to put it right
The American fingerprint database for foreign visitors contains fundamental design flaws, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has admitted. Fingerprint readers in American airports and at US embassies worldwide will have to be replaced. According to one report, just the first stage of the programme to put things right will cost 50 million dollars. Meanwhile, the official American public spending watchdog, the GAO, has brought out a damning assessment of the US-VISIT programme set up to collect the biometrics of foreign arrivals. The auditors' report reveals massive bureaucracy: "the fiscal year 2006 expenditure plan proposed spending about $1.35 on programme management-related activities for each dollar spent on developing new US-VISIT capability". Published on 16 February, the full GAO report is online at


"ID" in the news
Leaked memo reveals end of youth ID card - Public Servant Dailt - 28/2/07
The children's minister, Beverley Hughes, has decided to cancel the youth opportunity card, a multi-million pound scheme designed to tackle teenage anti-social behaviour, because of concerns over value for money and IT problems.

ID card scheme "at risk" and facing cost hike - ComputerWorld UK 27/2/07
The government’s ID cards scheme is at risk because of huge business process demands that will hit the system – at a level comparable to the NHS’s National Programme for IT (NPfIT), analysts have warned. A Capacitas white paper estimates that demand on the system will reach 1.2bn business processes a year – a level that is comparable with the NPfIT system.

No more secrets - The Guardian 27/2/06
Tony Blair insists his government is not building a Big Brother-style super-database. But all the talk of 'perfectly sensible' reforms and 'transformational government' masks a chilling assault on our privacy.,,2022115,00.html

The pitfalls of a national database - PC Pro 26/2/07
Following an outcry from privacy activists, the Cabinet Office has distanced itself from a centralised national database including biometric, health and personal details, claiming 'wrong information fed into some weekend papers' had prompted the outcry.

Collar the lot of us! Blair adds whole UK to police suspect list - The Register 20/2/07
The National Identity Register will allow police to add the entire adult population of the UK to their suspect list, giving them the opportunity to check fingerprints left at scenes of crime against those collected from ID card and passport applicants, says Tony Blair. Nor are fingerprints in other EU countries necessarily safe - the introduction of biometric technology, he adds, will "improve the flow of information between countries on the identity of offenders.

European e-ID card conference announced - 20/2/07
The independent European e-Identity & Security Association (eema) has announced its conference for this year [8-9 March in Leuven Belgium], which will investigate the existing proposals in Europe regarding e-ID cards in government and industry.   

Labour will force everyone to give fingerprints at ID card interview centres - The Telegraph 19/2/07
Ministers plan to force all adults to travel miles at their own expense to fingerprint scanning units so their details can go onto an identity card database. From 2009, everyone will have to attend one of 69 "interview centres", whose locations are revealed today for the first time.

NHS patient bar codes slammed - 16/2/07
The NHS has proposed making patients wear bar code bracelets or RFID tags as a way of saving hospital time and money, but identity card opponents have said that the measure means treating patients "like boxes of bandages".

(Please send me any items of interest you encounter - Editor( )

Publication details: © NO2ID 2007 - This document may be freely redistributed in one-to-one communications or physical copies as long as it is reproduced in its entirety including this notice. It may not be mass-mailed without the prior permission of NO2ID.

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Lynda  NO2ID 07802 151464  Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.


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