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Who's standing in Shaw & Nine Elms ?

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Who's standing in this year's elections ?

Candidate list for Shaw and Nine Elms ward:

Name: John Stephen Daniel Doyle
Party: The Labour Party Candidate

Name: James Ellrington Farr
Party: Liberal Democrat

Name: Jennifer Anne Miles
Party: Green Party

Name: Keith Robert Williams
Party: The Conservative Party Candidate

what a handsome bunch we are.

here's a copy of my leaflet.

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Geoff Reid:
Impressed me  O0....straightforward, from the hip no-bullshit loose cannon type stuff  8).

Have you considered standing as an independant candidate, or are you lifetime committed to the Labour Party ?

Do you make your colleagues in the Labour Party slightly nervous, have they ever encouraged you to go independant  ;D ?

it would be true to say that I don't toe the line on several local/national issues such as Coate, Academies, Iraq, etc.... There was a reason for having a brain and fixing an ear on either side of it.


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