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Two Adver. letters today
« on: February 09, 2007, 12:48:21 pm »
One... which has appeared previously

Missed opportunity for MP to show her true identity

I HEAR that local politicians of all colours will be taking to the stage of the Pilgrim Centre on February 13 for a public discussion on the merits or otherwise of the Government's plans to enter all citizens into a central identity database.

Furthermore, I understand that the panel will be joined by an expert on enterprise-scale database systems, so it will be interesting to hear what she thinks of the scheme.

The other here

Register not child-safe

G Dunningham is right to highlight the vulnerability of children's details to paedophile attack.

The Government proposes to house the personal details of all children under 16 in one mega-database, the Children's Register.

Every child in Britain will be exposed as a result of this ever-increasing database mania.

That's every child of ours. If you are a celebrity, your child's details will not appear on this database, one presumes because the Government does not, in fact, believe the database is safe.

This is not a case of whose identity is more important or who's got something to hide. It is a case of questioning why another party, wholly unconnected with oneself, has the right to take personal details without permission and transfer them into a system that is likely to be hacked.

NO2ID and the database state believe the person who should control their details is the person himself.

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